Man Catches Fish With Two Heads Instead Of A Dorsal Fin

Jun 1st, 2020

Social media is the platform to find one-of-a-kind photos and videos. However, they say that videos are more legit compared to photos because they are difficult to tweak. That is why when this unusual video appeared on social media networks, there was no wonder why it became so popular that quickly.

The video is a small catfish with two heads. Yes, you read it right. This fish appears to have a second head in the place where the tail should be!

Also, the fish’s second head looks like it’s fully-formed and its size is similar to the main head. The fish also has one of the front fins. Dogs, goats, cows, and other mammals with two heads are somewhat common. But a two-headed fish is very rare.

Especially when finding one that survives because these mutants typically die immediately after birth. Where this fish was caught is still unknown. But when you listen to the language used by the speaker in the video, it sounded like somewhere in Southeast Asia or Oceania.

A lot of people commented about the fish. Some even jokingly called it a “CatDog” while others are wondering how these fish poops. Others have an idea that this is a Siamese Twins Fish and the anus is located somewhere in the middle of its body. There are individuals who have sworn to have seen mutant catfish with two heads such as this one.

However, while others believe that this is real, there are people who think that it’s fake. They think that the second head was glued to an ordinary live catfish.

Two-headed fishes are rare, but for sure you have also head news similar to this two-headed catfish. In 2019, news broke when a woman catches a fish with two mouths. This is a two-headed lake trout that was found in New York.

According to the CBS News website, Debbie Geddes was fishing on Lake Champlain on the New York – Vermont border. She reeled a trout with two mouths. Knotty Boys Fishing, a local competitive fishing team, shared the photo of this bizarre-looking fish on their Facebook page.

A Knotty Boys member who is working with Geddes wrote, “Two-headed Lake Trout caught by a co-worker Debbie Geddes a few days ago on Lake Champlain. ” This two-mouthed trout looks horrifying yet mystical at the same time.

But it seems like this is not the first time that someone has caught a two-mouthed fish. After the photo was shared online, other users also shared their own photos of two-mouthed fishes. Other people have sworn that they have also seen a rare fish like this, but there are others who believe that the photo does not show two mouths. But instead, it looked deformed from an injury.

During an interview with CBS News, Adam Facteau from the Knotty Boys team said that their two-headed fish is real. And for the doubters, this is what Facteau has to say, “The theories are crazy. Injury. Genetic defect. The Simpsons.”

Lucky are those who are able to see for themselves nature’s wonders. As weird as they may look, these rare animals exist. That means that aside from them, for sure that there are other kinds of animals that have unique characteristics that humans have yet to discover.