Man Captures Photo of a Cloud That Looks Like Christ, Gives Hope To Others

Jul 19th, 2021

There are times when life seems too difficult to weave through. There are mountains of problems that might feel too challenging to surpass. And these are the moments when all you can do is look up and find any sign that can make you feel stronger, that someone is out there watching over you.

Whoever you are and wherever you are right now, know that you are not the only person out there who has targets to chase. And when it comes to what we believe in, some think that their brains are making them believe only what they want to believe. Still, faith is what drives many people to move forward. And Christ is still the reason for that faith.

And if you believe in God, if your faith in him is strong, you’ll look for him everywhere. You will always look for a sign of him because this gives you strength.

It is not new for someone to catch a photo of a cloud that looks so much like an angel watching us from above. But this time, what this person caught is a cloud that looks like the statue of Christ the Redeemer!

This picture was taken in Agropoli, Italy. It was posted on Facebook by Alfredo Lo Brutto. Though he doesn’t really post anything much on his social media accounts, he was by the picture and according to him, he firmly believed that this was a sign of Christ. So he did share it with the online world and it quickly gained likes and shares.

Alfredo said, “I was enchanted by the view. I don’t often share pictures on social media, but when I took this one, I instantly felt like I wanted other people to see it because it was so beautiful.”

It seems like Alfredo is not the only one who sees this as a reflection of Christ the Redeemer. In fact, people all over the internet believe that the picture does resemble the Christ the Redeemer statue.

This statue is located on Corcovado mountain in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It is among the new 7 wonders of the world. It has always been a symbol of protection, virtue, and guidance. And this statue has a significant cultural value not only for Brazilians but for all people who believe in Christ.

Some people back in the day thought that seeing faces in the clouds was a symptom of psychosis. But famous scientist Carl Sagan thought that “pareidolia” came from an evolutionary need to recognize people or potential threats quickly. And in actuality, pareidolia comes from a human beings’ need to organize random information into patterns.

Pareidolia is a type of apophenia, a more generalized term for seeing patterns in random data. Some of the most common examples of Pareidolia are seeing a likeness of Jesus in the clouds or an image of a man on the surface of the moon.

But do you think the picture was really Christ The Redeemer?

Well, maybe or maybe not.

What we know is that no matter what others feel about this, you’re free to have your own opinion. Believe in what you know is true. What you make of the clouds doesn’t hurt anyone, nor will it insult others. If thinking of it as a sign of Christ fills you with joy and strength, then go ahead and do so.