Little Known Secret About Betty White Has Made Its Way Public

Did you know any of this?

There are television icons who transformed the way entertainment in America has been viewed. Without a doubt, one of those people is Betty White. Without a doubt, this woman will most likely held the title of everyone’s favorite grandmother.

Ironically, Betty actually doesn’t have any biological children of her own. However, that hasn’t stopped her from being there for all of us all of these years. The woman became too lovable that it was practically impossible for people to think about her without seeing a mother figure.

However, it is time for us to ask ourselves: just how much do we know about Betty White?

These 10 things will help you know even more about the 10 Golden Girls actress

She Holds The Record For Longest TV Career For A Female

Betty is the Guinness World Record holder for the longest career a lead TV actress has ever had. She started acting in 1939.

Using an Easter Bunny, Allen Ludden Proposed To Her
Both of them fell in love while working on the Cape Cod starwhat circuit. He proposed a year later, sending a stuffed Easter bunny with gold and sapphire earrings and a note that read, “Now, come on, will you marry me?”

Her Net Worth is $45 Million
According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is $45 million.

Originally, She Was Supposed To Play Blanche
Betty actually had her audition for Blanche. However, show producers felt it would conflict with her character on the May Tyler Monroe Show. So, she was asked to switch characters with Rue McClanahan.

She Almost Starred In As Good As It Gets
Betty was also very close to being cast as Beverly Connelly in AS Good As It Gets, although she had issues with a scene where Jack Nicholson’s character through a small dog down a garbage chute. She was an animal rights activist and didn’t want anyone getting the wrong ideas.

She’s InThe Television Academy Hall Of Fame
Betty was inducted into the Television Academy Hal of Fame in 1995 as recognition of he works on programs like The Mary Tyler Monroe Show and The Golden Girls. She also got three Emmy nominations and two wins from her work on Mary Tyler Monroe.

She’s A Lover Of Junk Food
Speaking with US Weekly, Betty’s co-start claimed that he loves hot dogs, diet soda and licorice.

She’s The ‘Luckiest Old Broad Alive’
That’s according to her, anyways. When speaking with the fact that she works with animals, she described herself as “luckiest old broad alive” for being able to go what she loves all the time.

She Studied To Be A Dramatic Soprano
Betty actually wanted to be an opera singer since she was 14. Sadly, her voice wasn’t that large. She was quoted saying, “I think I discovered boys and all kinds of other good stuff,” and that’s how she ended up straying from singing and into television and movies instead.

She’s Still The Oldest SNL Host
After being in a 2010 Super Bowl commercial, she went on to host Saturday Night Live at the age of 88. She still holds that record till date.