Little Girl Reveals To Mom Why She Doesn’t Want a Boyfriend and It’s Hilarious!

By Gabrielle Dumka

Sometimes a girl just has to talk things over with her mom in order to get a clear perception on life. This little one is facing a life crisis and needs Mom’s guidance. We feel you, girl, even if you are only five years old.

In this video, an adorable five year old is trying to figure out what to do about her boyfriend. He’s sweet and romantic. He looks so happy when they’re together and she doesn’t want to break his heart. It’s just that she’s just not that into him.

We’ve all been there. You like him enough that you like seeing him happy. You like him enough that you feel really bad about dumping him. You just don’t like him enough to return his feelings. The truth hurts sometimes.

We do feel bad for the boy, too. I mean, she’s obviously a winner. Who wouldn’t want to spend all recess playing tag with this cutie? Who wouldn’t be happy trading lunches with a sweetheart like her?

It is unbelievably cute watching a five year old having this grown up conversation. The girl says all she needs to know in the beginning of the video when she says she thinks she’s too young to have a boyfriend.

In the end, the little girl concludes that she’ll have to break up with him. Her mom tells her that she thinks the boy will be okay. Thanks for putting things in perspective, Mom. It’s nice to know you’ve got our backs. Welcome to the next twenty years of your life!

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