Little Boy Steals The Show When He Starts Kicking His Feet

Aug 9th, 2018

When it comes to dancing, not many of us are gifted. Even as adults it can prove to be quite a challenge. Other people, however, are well talented and can quickly pull off any stunts even from childhood. This is the case for little four-year-old Oscar.

The young boy has practised hard enough to become one of the best child dancers for the Irish dance in particular. His talent has won him quite a number of trophies in almost all the dancing and talent shows he has participated in and left judges and fellow contestants open-mouthed in sheer awe.

Oscar Donnelley comes from New Stevenson, Scotland where he lives with his parents and little sister. The little star has been dancing since he was three and in just a year, has perfected his Irish dance routine. He has won numerous awards in contests all over Scotland, Ireland and England.

He has earned himself the nickname ‘Wee Mick’ after the Irish dance legend Michael Flatley. He has also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, Little Big Shots and has been on the Steve Harvey show.

It is during of these contests that someone filmed him dancing and shared in on social media. The video has gone viral with few believing that a mere four-year-old can pull off the Irish dance so meticulously, almost like a grown-up.

Oscar started his performance with the standard one-minute delay with one leg stretched in front of him and his hands behind his back. He looked quite the gentleman with his neat hair and dancing costume; a custom black little suit with a tiny polka-dot bowtie and high-heeled and a pair of black high-heeled jig shoes.

A minute later he was drifting effortlessly across the stage, kicking and stamping the floor skillfully. Everyone stopped what they were doing as their attention was captured by the little lad who was currently dominating the scene like he was used to it.

The other children seated near the dancing floor looked at Oscar in awe and could not believe that he was their age mate. He was so focused which must have taken a lot of effort and practice for a four-year-old, who would have otherwise been too shy or distracted.

All his moves were calculated. His jumps, turns, twists and swirls were all done carefully and never once did he fall or even slip. He made sure to move across most of the stage so that the judges, parents and contestants had a good look at his excellent dancing. Little Oscar knew precisely what he was doing.

He finished his performance with a dramatic little hop that ended at the same exact moment the music stopped. He had managed to capture all the audience, and they gave him wild applause as soon as he finished dancing, with his tiny hands still behind his back. It was evident that he had outdone himself.

The Irish dance originated from Ireland in the early nineteenth century. It has been widely practised since then with dancers displaying a series of intricate footwork on special dancing shoes. It includes the step dance that little Oscar performs. The Irish dance is practised in social events, performances and competitions such as this one. With such a profound representation of Ireland’s tradition at such a tender age, Oscar is sure to go places.