Lifeguard Spots Drowning Boy In 2 Seconds In Crowded Pool, Would You Have Spotted Him Too?

Oct 27th, 2021

It is not every time that a second chance at life comes our way so we have to be extra careful with the one that we have so that we are not faced with unnecessary and very avoidable situations that are very likely or even most certainly make us pay the ultimate price- our life!

For example, if you have not mastered the art of swimming, you have no business whatsoever going to certain deep parts of a pool or a river or into the beach when you and your pals go to hang out at the beachside. It is important to take precautions such as this in a bid to preserve our already ephemeral life as long as it can possibly get.

Turning a back on simple a safety measure like this has led to many tragic events over time. The number of people that have lost their lives as a result of drowning in recent times is to say the least, alarming! With knowledge of this information, not neglecting measures like this will go a long very long way in preventing needless deaths.

Because of the increasing occurrence of the drowning menace, pools, beaches and other places where people go to relax in the water now have officers that are responsible for rescuing people involved in drowning.

One of those officers heroically did her job with such deftness as she rescued a drowning child from a busy pool while other swimmers paid no attention to the boy. A video has come out, showing the heroic moment when the lifeguard leaped into action to save the boy In the nick of time. In the video, the lifeguard swam quickly over to the young kid and took him in her arms.

If simple safety precaution like the kid wearing floats had been taken, he would not have encountered the near death experience the way he did. Certainly, the next time he will be going swimming his parents will make sure he wears floats.

The footage shows the boy swimming in circles and fighting with every bit of strength he has to stay above the water. But even as hard as he flails in the water, he continues to go underwater. Folks around seem to remain oblivious to his plight and continue to enjoy their time in the pool.

But luck was every bit on the young kids side as a vigilant lifeguard standing on the other side, sees the boy, dives into the water and puts all her training into good use. She quickly swims over to where the young kid was struggling to hold on to life and scoops him up into her arms.

The clip ends with the boy safe but it isn’t known if he suffered any injuries or if he was with others.

If not for the alertness and quick thinking and emergency response of the lifeguard the whole scenery might have taken a different turn; a very sad turn to say the least.

Things like this are very avoidable if we can be more attentive to safety measures and abide by them in all sincerity.

It is not clear where the video was filmed it however seems to be in the United States.