Knowing What These Black Suitcases Were For Really Broke Our Hearts

Oct 13th, 2021

Over the years, actress Tiffany Haddish has made a difference in dozens of children’s lives. Her successful career has made all this possible for her. The Indiana Department of Child Services recently revealed that Haddish had made a generous donation of more than one hundred suitcases loaded with goodies and distributed them to foster children back in 2019.

The Indiana Department of Child Services could not thank her enough for her generous donation to children in need. Haddish, 41, decided to create the suitcases and distribute them to the needy Indiana children.

Haddish is not new to the hardships in this system. She too had to experience it when she was just a child. But instead of having a suitcase to carry her things while she was stuck in the foster care system, Haddish only had a black garbage bag. That is why this time, now that she is given the chance to help, she wants to make a difference.

When she was a guest at “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” with David Letterman, she shared with the host that she did not have a choice but to be a part of the foster care system after her mother got injured in a car accident. The accident made her mother incapable of raising Haddish.

She shared, “I used to think she was demonized. Like, I thought, like maybe somebody else jumped inside her body, like ‘where is my mommy?’”

Since then, she and her siblings moved into the foster care system. Her family did not have much money so she and her siblings had to move from home to home with only garbage bags to protect and hold their belongings. Although Haddish hated that they had to do this, but this left them with no choice.

After watching her interview with Letterman’s new show, Shanell Manuel, a foster care specialist supervisor for Lake County, contacted Haddish with an idea.

Manuel said, “I’ve been in this agency for 18 years. I have been taking children out of homes and moving them to other homes, and…I see those garbage bags. It’s unfortunate that we still have to do that.” She then contacted the “She Ready Foundation,” founded by Haddish with a goal to enrich the lives of children in the foster care system.

After this first step, it did not take long for Manuel to receive a response from the actress. Haddish’s publicist told Manuel to expect delivery of more than 100 suitcases in time for the Christmas holiday!

When the suitcases arrived, the Indiana Department of Child Services immediately posted a picture of the amazing blessings from the actress. The Indiana DCS Regional Manager for Lake County Ellis Dumas confirmed that Tiffany Haddish’s donation would be put to good use by all the children.

Dumas said, “Often, it’s hard to buy gifts for teenagers in general. So to be able to give them something that they’re going to be tangibly using is always phenomenal and awesome — Miss Haddish made that possible. The suitcases in themselves, and who they came from Miss Haddish, Tiffany Haddish, is a sentiment to our foster children that there’s a success and support out there.”

They say that only those who would truly understand what the foster care children are going through would be the people who have experienced being a part of the system.

What do you think about the actress’s generous donation to the foster children in Indiana?