Cute Children Use Their Storytelling Skills To Teach Us About Christmas

By E'vone Starks

Children have the wildest imaginations, which make them the most epic storytellers of all time. It’s impossible to predict the direction a story will go in, because at any moment something completely unexpected and utterly absurd is bound to happen. Even when children try to talk their way out of trouble, their parents are quick to catch onto the tale.

Their stories are often so outrageously hilarious that the parents have to fight back their laughter to maintain a stern appearance so that their child understands that what they did was wrong. It can be a serious struggle, but it’s a task that every parent must face.

Bearing children’s talented storytelling skills in mind, Southland Christian Church decided to use children to narrate the story about Jesus’ birth. Most of you are familiar with the tale, but have you ever heard it from a child’s perspective? For this particular production, the children would retell the story from their memory and adults were chosen to act out the story exactly as the children told it. The results were absolutely hilarious, which one would expect given the imaginative world that a child can conjure up.

The kids did a great job of getting the story out. There were definitely some minor changes, like the wise men carrying diapers and milk to give to baby Jesus or the fact that Mary and Joseph were never married, but overall it was a total success. We’re impressed that the children were able to retain so much information about the story. Although one little boy struggled to pronounce the word Bethlehem, he knew that it was the place where Jesus was born. Impressive!

If you’re looking for a comical way to spread a little Christmas cheer this year, sharing this video with loved ones is the perfect way to do it. Thanks, kids, for all of the entertainment!

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