Kid Throws Tantrum The Entire 8 Hour Flight And Mom Doesn’t Even Ask Him Once To Stop

Jul 11th, 2019

Being in a long flight is stressful, but for Shane Townley, he did not have any choice but to endure an 8-hour flight to get back home. But what he experienced while on that plane was definitely out of this world.

He managed to catch it on video and this is now going viral!

This is a clip of Shane’s flight from Germany to the United States. Even though this flight is a long one, it could have been better if not for a three-year-old who did nothing but throw a fit all throughout the flight.

The boy started to throw tantrums even before the plane took off. On Shane’s video, the boy can be seen sitting above the normal line of seats. He is probably on someone’s shoulder. The mom can be seen calling for the stewardess and she was asking if the Wi-Fi could be turned on so that her son can start playing with his iPad.

The child can then be seen running up and down the aisles of the plane. He is definitely hyperactive but this somehow blew off some steam. This kept him quiet, but only for a short time. He started screaming and even though it was too much for many passengers to handle, they try to keep their cool and understand the rowdy toddler.

What made everything worse is that the mom can’t seem to control her child. Shane says on a subtitle on his clip that the mom just lets her kid do whatever he wants throughout the flight. He then points out that some people believe that this is proof that digital devices can cause this behavior. When the plane finally deplaned in Newark, New Jersey, the passengers’ ordeal has finally come to an end.

Shane uploaded the video and shared to the world how this child is behaving and giving demonic sounds and how this kid was addicted to technology. According to Inside Edition, the mother explained that her son has behavioral problems. Shane even noticed how the mom was used to her son’s behavior and the amount of noise that he is making.

No matter what other people’s say, we cannot really prove that the mom did not do everything that she could to keep her child entertained. This video has gained more than 4 million views and is definitely a controversial one. Still, we do not have the right to judge the mother because of how she treats her son.

It is clear that she is sure of what she is doing. For kids with behavioral issues, it would be challenging to deal with them. They are special in their own way, but parents should be more patient when dealing with them, and others should be more considerate. It is not easy to be a mom of a child with problems.

Shane received mixed reactions from the public. There are those who agree that this is definitely the cause of kids being exposed to too many gadgets. But there are others who believe that what Shane did was not fair.

It is true that the mother could’ve prepared better for the long travel because it has been a challenging flight not only for Shane but to the rest of the passengers of that flight.