Kate Middleton Issues New Statement, Just 2 Days Later

Last Friday, March 22, Kate Middleton shared a video where she told everyone she has cancer. Since then, the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, said thank you to everyone for all the kind words and support they’ve received.

They sent out a thank you note from their home, Kensington Palace, saying, “We feel so touched by all the nice messages from people in the UK, from countries in the Commonwealth, and from all over the world after we shared our news. We are really moved by how warm and supportive everyone has been, and we’re thankful for everyone understanding our need for privacy right now.”

In her video, the Princess of Wales shared that she had surgery on her belly in January because doctors thought it wasn’t cancer, but then they found out it was. She said, “The doctors told me I need to start treatment to prevent the cancer from getting worse, and I’ve just begun that treatment. It was a big shock for us, and William and I have been trying our best to handle this quietly for our kids. It’s taken some time to get ready for treatment after my big surgery.”

Kate also mentioned, “The past few months have been really hard for our family, but I’ve had an amazing team of doctors looking after me, and I’m so thankful. Every day, I’m getting stronger by focusing on healing my mind, body, and spirit.”

She also said a big thank you to Prince William for being so supportive and comforting during this tough time.