Judge Hands Down Sentences To Give Animal Abusers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Sep 14th, 2020

Even if you do not own a pet, there is no doubt that you will get angry after hearing that there are people who have the heart to hurt and abuse innocent and helpless animals. That is why when this judge got tired of animal abusers, he decided to hand down sentences a give abusers a taste of their own medicine.

Judge Michael Cicconetti from Painesville, Ohio loves animals. In fact, he was just a young boy when he got a sweet dachshund which he named Herman. Even up to this day, he still enjoys the company of his Bernese mountain dog he named Kasey.

This judge became very well known for the creative sentences that he gives these animal abusers.

Early on his career, the judge noticed that there were so many animal abusers and cases of neglect. And many of them are repeat offenders. Before, he would sentence them to jail time and a hefty fine. But he also noticed that this did not help solve their problem. So he decided to come up with a sentence that would fit the crime that these abuses committed.

But of course, Judge Mike needed to stay within the parameters of the law. But he felt that what he was sentencing them was not enough to teach them a lesson. Also, it does not seem fair to the animals that they were abusing.

The judge felt that there needs to be more and that includes teaching these people about animal care. If drunk drivers needed to take courses, he believes that there should also be a course regarding this topic which must be a requirement for any abusers or those who neglect their animals.

One time, I Heart Dogs shared that the judge sentenced a woman who abused an animal. She let her dog live in filthy conditions. So in return, the judge let her stay in similar conditions for the entire day in the dump.

During the hearing, the judge said, “I want you to go down to the county dump, to the landfill, and I want them to find the stinkiest, smelliest, God-awful odor place they can find in that dump, and I want you to sit there for eight hours tomorrow, to think about what you did to that dog while you smell the odor. If you puke, you puke. ”

Another situation was when a woman decided to dump 35 kittens in the woods. The judge made her spend the night in the woods aside from her jail time and a hefty fine.

The judge explained, “How would you like to be dumped off at a metro park late at night, spend the night listening to the coyotes…listening to the raccoons around you in the dark night, and sit out there in the cold not knowing where you’re going to get your next meal, not knowing when you are going to be rescued. ”

These might seem like too much for some people, but many believe that it certainly fits the crime they committed. Somebody needs to teach these animal abusers a lesson. So this should be a warning to those who are hurting and abusing animals because your judge might also apply this method.