Judge Gives Mom 20 Years In Jail After She Hears How She Punished Her Kids

Sep 10th, 2019

Having young children can really test your patience. But as a mother, you need to adjust to their tantrums. Let them be kids and just enjoy it while it lasts. When they get older, you will miss these moments and wish that they are kids again.

But for Cynthia, her kids are getting into her nerves!

Her two very young children, Juliet Rodriguez, and her younger brother, Cavanaugh Rodriguez were too difficult to handle. This is when she decided to teach them a lesson. She locked them inside a vehicle on a hot day. Sadly, Juliet and Cavanaugh passed away.

Cynthia did not intentionally kill her two children. According to her. She locked them up to teach her small children a lesson. To discipline them by letting them die inside a hot car while she stayed inside her house, cooling off and smoking marijuana with television on. She fell asleep and forgot about her children.

Juliet and Cavanaugh died on May 26. She never told the police what she did. Instead, she told the detectives that the children had disappeared on her and managed to lock themselves in the car. Now take note that Juliet was only 2 years old and Cavanaugh was 16-months-old. What Cynthia told the detectives was possible, but they are doubtful.

The investigators asked more questions and this is when they learned that the mom was not telling the truth. According to her testimony, she had been angry with her kids because she caught them playing in her 2010 Honda Crosstour. They threw tantrums when asked to get out of it. This is when she decided to teach them a lesson.

Thinking that they would be able to get out, she locked the car door. She allowed them to boil in the hot car on a warm afternoon.

She thought that her two-year-old would be able to open the door and get her and her 16-month-old brother out. She left them to locked inside the car, went inside and smoked marijuana. She kept the television on, watched ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ Cynthia did not realize that her kids were not able to come out of the car. She passed out and had a long nap.

When she woke up, her marijuana high had worn off. She realized her kids were not around so she went to the car to check on them, and this is where she found Juliet and Cavanaugh’s lifeless bodies.

According to the arrest affidavit, Cynthia fell asleep for two to three hours. When she found her kids, she was horrified. After the kids were examined, they learned that Juliet and Cavanaugh died of heatstroke after their mom locked them in the vehicle to teach them a lesson. During that day, the temperatures reached 96-degrees. But inside the vehicle, it probably reached 140-degrees.

When she saw what happened to her kids, she decided to stage the scene. She broke the window to make it look like an accident, called 911, and made her own story. However, later on, she admitted that what she said was a lie.

Now, Cynthia has been found guilty of two counts of reckless injury to a child. The judge did not take long to hand down the sentence which locked her in prison for the next 20 years of her life. Cynthia is expected to serve a hard time with other prisoners behind bars. What she did was considered as first-degree felonies.