John Wayne’s Daughter Speaks Out After People Try To Destroy Her Dad’s Legacy

Nov 20th, 2020

Marion Robert Morrison, best known as “John Wayne” or “Duke” was an American actor and filmmaker. He became a very popular icon through his starring roles in a variety of Western films.

And recently, his name and legacy took a hit after his 1971 Playboy interview once again resurfaced on social media. And this caused outrage and a fiery debate online. Now, his family, especially his daughter is speaking out in his defense to keep his legacy strong.

In 1971, John Wayne was making remarks that are now making more heads turn, 35 years after his death. People are questioning because on-screen, he is known for his characters portraying equal treatment and fair play regardless of nationality, religion, and anything else. That is why his fans and critics were shocked upon hearing what he had to say during the Playboy interview.

In the interview, he was in his 60s and was interviewed by Richard Warren Lewis for the men’s lifestyle magazine. He was asked about different topics including race and the state of Hollywood. But one of his answers became a hot topic these days. During the interview, John Wayne said, “I believe in white supremacy until the Blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.”

These days, racial tensions are brewing. And these comments from John Wayne stirred questions and debate in social media. And because of this, the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic arts agreed to remove John Wayne’s exhibit after the faculty and students spoke up to have them removed.

Other than that, the officials in Orange County, California are also under pressure as people voice out that they want to change the name of the John Wayne Airport.

In response to this negativity, his daughters, Marissa and Alissa have a few things to say regarding this issue. Both of them praised their father for his ability to treat everyone fairly and to understand that each person has a right to his or her opinion. But that did not mean that John Wayne did not respect the person who gave it. They believe that their father had considerable respect for his fellow man.

His son, Ethan, also made a statement saying, “He called out bigotry when he saw it. He hired and worked with people of all races, creeds, and sexual orientations. John Wayne stood for the very best for all of us…”

His family also wrote a statement to Fox News regarding this issue. It stated:

“We hope America remembers John Wayne as we do: a devoted family man, great friend, and cherished actor on the big screen, as well as for his continuing work to find a cure for cancer through the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and the John Wayne Cancer Institute.” The statement added, “It’s unfair to judge someone on something that was written that he said nearly 50 years ago when the person is no longer here to respond. Regardless of color, ethnicity or sexual preference, [our] father taught us to treat all people the same, with respect.”

But despite the family’s defense, it seems like the cancel culture is determined to put him down. This is not something new these days, but it is just discouraging that even comments made by prominent names decades ago can be used against them today.