Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Gives Update On Former President’s Health

In February 2023, former US President Jimmy Carter, 98, entered hospice care at his residence in Plains, Georgia, opting to spend his remaining days with his family and decline further medical intervention. This decision sparked an outpouring of support and remembrance of Carter’s life and legacy.

Carter’s grandson, Jason Carter, provided updates on the former president’s condition, saying that Jimmy was in good spirits and enjoyed his time with his wife, Rosalynn Carter. Despite his hospice care, Jimmy remains engaged with his foundation’s activities and enjoys his favorite treat, peanut butter ice cream. Jason indicated that his grandfather is peacefully transitioning into hospice care, living out his remaining days with his lifelong partner, Rosalynn. The couple has been together for more than 70 years, enduring various personal challenges and sharing many triumphs.

There is uncertainty about whether Jimmy Carter is battling a specific illness or facing the natural aging process. Before entering hospice, Carter had multiple brief hospital stays. Known as the oldest living former US president, Carter has previously fought cancer and endured a fractured pelvis.

Jimmy Carter’s legacy is being honored through events, such as the one held on Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross, Georgia, where Jason gave these updates. These events appreciate Jimmy Carter not only for his role as a former president but also his humanitarian work, reflecting the impact of his life on national and global scales. Such commemorations have been emotionally touching for Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, allowing them to see their efforts recognized and appreciated.

The former president’s decision to receive hospice care at home, a modest house in Georgia where he and Rosalynn have resided since his election to the Georgia Senate in 1962, underscores his enduring humility and preference for simplicity. This decision aligns with Carter’s reputation as a service-focused, non-ostentatious individual.

Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young attended the event in Norcross, sharing fond recollections of his recent visit with the Carters. Jason affirmed his grandparents’ extraordinary yet relatable character, noting their humble habits and dedication to improving the world. Jason anticipates that, like Lincoln, Jimmy Carter’s full legacy may not be recognized for decades. Despite initial concerns about Carter’s health when he entered hospice care, Jason remains hopeful that his grandfather will celebrate his 99th birthday in October.