Giant Great Dane Gets Jealous Of The Tiny New Addition To His Family

By Regina Young

Jealousy is a green giant that inhibits all creatures both large and small. When a new baby is born, older siblings are infamous for acting out of jealousy and doing things to gain the attention back from those around them, used to being in the spotlight.

As it turns out, dogs — and more specifically, Great Danes — react in the very same way. When this dog owner brought over the puppy she was adding in to the family, she was cuddling it in her arms and openly showing affection. Her other canine companion, though, did not take to this situation lightly. Used to being the object of her love, the 6 foot giant leapt up on to his owner in an attempt to capture her attention and settle into her arms.

“I can pet you too!” the owner announces, trying to pry his massive paws off of her shoulder and placing her free hand on his head to scratch behind his ears. One hand on each dog doesn’t seem to be enough, though. The giant Great Dane continues to howl and jump up on his owner for affection.

A third pup, another massive Great Dane, then enters the scene, coming over to investigate the cause of all the commotion. After giving the puppy a passing sniff, this third dog couldn’t care less about where the owner’s attention was fleeting.

This just goes to show that no matter the size or species, we all need to be shown a little love once in a while.

Do you have a jealous pet? How about one that was jealous of a new baby?

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