Ivanka Faces Backlash After Saying That Being Trumps Daughter Is The Hardest Job In The World

Sep 24th, 2020

If you have been watching the news, you would probably know by now what happened during the annual Gridiron Club dinner on March 2. The evening was filled with interesting talks about the government in the United States.

What caught everyone’s attention that evening was President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump and her speech.

Her speech at the 134th edition of the dinner was surely something else. This event is usually attended by the President himself, but this time, he sent his daughter Ivanka who is the key senior advisor in the White House. During her speech, her comments were meant to be funny, but it somehow turned out the wrong way!

This resulted in a lot of backlashes, definitely too much than what she expected. She stood before a crowd of 700 members of both Democratic and Republican parties, the lawmakers, journalist, and other politicians at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington DC.

Everyone knows that the Gridiron dinner is one of the few rare events that provide a neutral platform where the members of the press, as well as some elected officials and political operatives, would be able to enjoy the evening together.

Well, if you were wondering what she said, she only claimed that being Donald Trump’s daughter is one of the “hardest jobs!” This, of course, resulted in a lot of criticisms. She also continued to share how the press thinks that it’s ironic that she was born of great privilege and how people would automatically think of this because she is the daughter of the President.

The statement was supposed to be a joke but some citizens think that making light of the advantages that she received in life was unacceptable. She has been from the television show, The Apprentice, then to her executive-level position in the Trump Organization, and moved to become a senior advisor, a lot of people believe that her family name has definitely helped her gain access to these jobs and experiences that not everyone would be able to achieve.

People believe that she would not be in a position where she is now on her own.

Her bashers believe that because of what she achieved in life because of her relationship to the president is not as bad as she wants everyone to believe. Sure it would have been awkward, but this does not outweigh the privileges that she received as the daughter of President Donald Trump.

She did add other politically-motivated jokes and some of them even targeted the proposed Green New Deal resolution. She said, “When my father asked me just this afternoon to represent him – no this isn’t a joke, this afternoon to represent him tonight – I didn’t have time to write any jokes. So I figured the funniest thing I could do is read you excerpts from the Green New Deal.

” Ivanka also made sure that her comments were fairly playful while keeping in mind the motto: “Singe, not burn. ”

What happened that night became the talk of the world. The social media platforms had a field day and many expressed their opinions about The First Daughter’s speech. Not everyone finds this amusing because not all Americans get to have this privilege in life.