If You Have Any Of These Items From The 70s, They Are Worth A Fortune Now

Oct 10th, 2018

People love to collect things, all kinds of things. They like to collect things of a certain era, of a certain type, or that they just particularly happen to enjoy. One of the categories of stuff people collect are the things from their childhood that remind them of simpler, happy times.

Some people who grew up in the 1970s have, as adults, collected items that were from that era and they are turning out to be worth quite a bit of money now.


People love to furnish their homes with beautiful things are there’s some furniture of the 70s worth money. Vintage Ikea furniture is worth a pretty penny these days. When you can find the right buyer for the right piece, you can earn anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars on furniture.


Pyrex is something that has been around for a long time and many women still swear by it. There are some pieces from that era that are worth a lot of money. These pieces were colorful with varying designs on them. In some cases, single bowls can be worth a few hundred dollars a piece and whole sets go for thousands.


Music never gets old, no matter when you were born, but music from the 70s is particularly popular. Vintage vinyl records are becoming harder and harder to find. There are some that can be priced in the tens of thousands of dollars range. For example, a copy of ‘God Save the Queen’ by the Sex Pistols sold for over $17,000 in 2003.


Most kids in the 1970s carried their lunches to school in a metal lunchbox that depicted their favorite cartoon character or superhero. These lunchboxes can be worth a lot of money for the right buyer, especially if you still have the matching thermos to go with the box.

Comic Books

Comic books were a big deal back then and they were the basis for many of the superheroes who ended up with their own television shows. Many of these superheroes are still in movies and television shows today. The first ‘Star Wars’ comic book was released in 1977 and sold recently on eBay for $10,000.

Star Wars would go on to be one of the most successful movie franchises ever, with the most recent movie being released in 2017 by Disney.


There are many people who love books and collect first editions in particular. Some of the ones from the 1970s are quite rare and sought after. A first edition of the children’s book ‘The Garden of Abdul Gasaz’ was published in 1979 by Chris Van Allsburg. It recently sold for thousands of dollars.

There are a lot of things that people love to collect and they want to buy. For a seller, it is all about finding the right time and the right buyer in order to maximize their profit on the item. What may only be worth a couple hundred to one person may be worth a lot more to someone with a deeper passion and love for that item.

It’s all about the right setting and many people find the right buyer on the internet for their vintage stuff.

Do you have any of this stuff lying around in your house? Have you ever bought something to remember the past?