Island Is Developing A Year-Long Visa To Attract More People To Live On The Island

Jul 31st, 2020

Because of COVID-19 as well as the lockdowns and border closures, people are canceling their 2020 summer plans. Well probably, it’s too soon to give up on your travel plans for this year. And if we’re planning to go to Barbados this summer, then you might want to hear this good news.

Beautiful Barbados started reopening its borders on July 12 for its tourists!

Now, the country has developed new initiatives that will allow you to make this island your temporary home, well, at least for the entire year. According to recent reports, the Barbados government has the new “Barbados Welcome Stamp” visa. This will allow remote workers to live and work on the island for up to 12 months. Isn’t that amazing.

You get to enjoy beautiful Barbados while earning money at the same time. And with more employees working remotely than ever before, this initiative is very appealing now to many who loves the beach.

In early July, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley recently announced the new visa. According to the announcement regarding the visa, if they feel they can work better in a more relaxed atmosphere, like next to a beach, then this opportunity will “allow people from the United States, Europe, and Latin America to do their jobs digitally for a couple of months and then go back home.”

The United States as well as most countries in the world have mandated quarantines of at least two weeks for international travelers. And if you are going for short-term trips, then this quarantine period is definitely going to take a significant chunk out of your vacation. That is why this long-term visa is your safest and basically the most practical way to travel these days, especially to Barbados.

Also, moving to Barbados for a few months or a year, even with the quarantine. will leave you plenty of time to enjoy the beach.

In addition to this amazing offer, this new Barbados’ initiative will hopefully jumpstart the local economy, too. The country is heavily reliant on tourism and your contribution can be a huge help even in your own little way.

Barbados is known for so many things. Ask a local and they will likely tell you that some of the things Barbados is most famous for are Rihanna, the National Dish Cou Cou, as well as the Flying Fish and Crop Over. These three are the most significant things the island of Barbados is most popular for.

Yet, there are many others that not everyone is probably aware of. Like the fact that the island is considered the birthplace of rum, and was once known as “Los Barbados. ”

So if you have always been dreaming of visiting Barbados this year but has been blocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, then this might be the right time to consider a new Barbados office soon. The visa is still in the final stages of development, so in the meantime, make sure that you stay safe to follow the protocols to prevent yourself from getting the coronavirus. So that once the “Barbados Welcome Stamp” visa is up, then you are ready.

Remember that all travelers must test negative for COVID-19 before entering Barbados. So stay healthy.