Invention Saves Many Animals From Drowning In Pools

Oct 8th, 2019

If we humans love to spend a lot of time in the water during the summer days, animals would love that too!

We host pool parties to cool off during these hot days. However, pools are great for humans, but not so much for small animals. In fact, plenty of these animals drown in pools every summer. Some of them are frogs, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, and even snakes.

This is why the FrogLog created a very genius invention that saved thousands of small animals from drowning.

Froglog was invented by Rick Mason, a wildlife biologist. He was inspired to create this invention after his friend built an in-ground pool. On his website, he shared that in June 2004, his friends who were living on a heavily wooded lot near Baltimore, Maryland called him and was very upset to let him know that many frogs were dying in their new in-ground swimming pool.

One morning, his friend was shocked to find 53 frogs and toads in their pool.

Mason is a wildlife biologist which is why he was so disturbed upon hearing that many animals are drowning helplessly in these pools. This is when he decided to create a life-raft that these animals can use to climb out the pool.

And the FrogLog was born!

The FrogLog is an inflatable platform with a mesh for animals to climb onto. The mesh ramp connects to the side of the pool. Mason was worried at first that the animals would not be able to understand the purpose of the device.

Still, he decided to set up a test to see that his invention works. He placed a funnel trap at the top of the device to catch the animals that were climbing out of the pool.

He explained, “The FrogLog was in the pool with the funnel trap for 23 days… During this period, 47 American toads (Bufo americanus) and 3 green frogs (Rana clamitans) were removed alive from the funnel trap… During this brief test period, the FrogLog was 94% effective at allowing trapped amphibians to climb out of the pool.”

As soon as Mason knew that his device worked, he started selling his invention to the public. Mason also applied for a patent. It didn’t take long for his device to sell tons. The FrogLogs amazed a lot of people by how effective they are in saving animals from drowning in the pool.

Among everyone who appreciated Masons’ work, he was the one who was the happiest and excited to see that his device is not only selling well, but he is able to help so many people because of his new invention. According to him, his mission remains the same for 15 years after he started selling FrogLog.

He said, “As FrogLog has grown and as I have met many, many happy pool owners, my mission remains the same as when it started in 2004: save as many small animals as possible and helping pool owners enjoy their pools to the fullest.”

Since then, many people found out how great of a device FrogLog is. The device saved thousands of small animals over the years. If you also have problems with small animals in your pool, then you can get a FrogLog for your pool and save as many animals as you can.