Intruders Plan On Slaughtering Horses For Their Meat But Dogs Step In To Defend Them

Dogs are not only mans’ best friends. They also guard everyone in the family, not only your property but including the other animals under your care.

Recently in Florida, people are warned about the increase in the slaughtering of horses and intruders are harvesting them for meat. This is one of the reasons why the slaughter and theft cases all across Florida caused owners to find every solution that they can to safeguard their horses.

Brena Kramer from Zephyrhills had a first-hand experience of this crime. According to her, three intruders tried to slaughter her horses for their meat!

When she heard he chaos, she immediately ran to the barn to check on her horses and found one of them with a rope still tied around its neck. She believed that these three intruders entered her property through the side gate. She is living in a remote area so it is not a question why her horses became a target of these intruders. She also realized that the power to the barn had been shut off. These horses were left with cuts and scrapes all over their faces. They also had rope burns near their mouths.

You might wonder how her horses survived?

She has a couple of heroes watching over the horses when all this happened. Brena owns two rottweilers. She said that they were the ones who stepped in to scare the intruders away and saved the horses from getting stolen and killed for their meat. She knew that something was not right at her barn when she heard her two rottweilers making a commotion. So she ran outside and discovered that three intruders tried to steal her horses.

The dogs barked and bit the intruders. These rottweilers are large dogs and they definitely scared the intruders out of Brena’s property before they can do more harm to the horses. Her 2-year-old pup, Dallas, had two puncture marks on his hand from the struggle. These heroic dogs saved the horses from what would have been a traumatic and tragic incident.

But Brena was not surprised by what happened in her barn. During an interview with Fox13, she said, “It is common down South. It’s something most horse owners know about, especially in Florida. This is more of a black market thing. It depends on where you go and who you know as to how much it sells for per pound.” She added, “They will bleed them out and start butchering while the horse is bleeding.”

Horse meat can be sold in the black market for large amounts per pound. The police and other horse owners like Brena believe that this is the reason for the apparent attacks in their area. Brena was lucky that no horse of hers was seriously injured, or worse, stolen. In most cases, the horse owners wake up to missing or dead horses which can be really heartbreaking for a horse owner.
The Pasco County Police Department was alerted by the incident and they are already looking into the matter. They are encouraging other horse owners to be vigilant and to take necessary precautions to keep their pets safe.

She is now sharing her story also to warn other horse owners not only in her area but also all throughout the country.