“If Men Breastfed” Video Sheds Light On Sexism In The Workplace

By E'vone Starks

Let’s admit it. Men and women are treated differently in the workplace. It’s not just differences in pay rates for the same position, but also the lack of support shown toward women when compared to their male colleagues. More and more women are choosing to work and start a family. Instead of supporting mothers during this stressful period in their careers, it seems that companies go out of their way to make women feel guilty about their decision to have children.

Maternity leave at most companies is a complete joke and once women return to work, there are few suitable places for reprieve when a new mother needs to pump. Since little is done to combat these issues, Naya Health created a video titled “If Men Breastfed” to show just how differently things would be if men and women’s roles were reversed. The results were absolutely hilarious and yet so true.

The majority of the video focused on the camaraderie between the new fathers. They had a mutual understanding of what the other was going through and they could openly bond over their shared experiences. Management went out of their way to ensure that the men were comfortable and had everything they needed. They even had a special room where fathers could escape the hustle and bustle of the job to pump. The room was stocked with everything a man could need during lactation, but most importantly, it was comfortable, spacious and free from intruders accidentally walking in.

The company released the video the same day that they launched their new Naya Smart Breast Pump. Their design is supposed to be more comfortable and quieter than its competitors and the company boasts that they “make pumping suck less.”

This video definitely has the power to incite change within companies. Be sure to share this clever video with your loved ones.

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