Hospice Nurse Treks In A Snow Storm On Foot To Visit Patient

May 22nd, 2020

Nurses are real-life heroes. They are there to assist those in need of medical help and give emotional assistance to the loved ones of those who are hospitalized and sick. They are the friendly faces that you will always see in places that you wouldn’t want to be, like hospitals.

Hospice nurses take care of their patients like they are family. They make sure that they provide everything that their patients need. They also assure the family that their patients are well taken care of.

But what will happen when conventional visits or care is stopped for some uncontrollable reasons? Like bad weather?

In these cases, Nurse Nancy Miller knows all about what to do and how far she can reach with her feet during these times. She takes care of business no matter what the weather is like. She is a hospice nurse in Michigan and has really gotten a lot of attention for her heroic efforts. She wants to bring comfort by checking on her patients even in the midst of bad weather.

One time during a snowstorm, the roads were not safe to be driven. A blizzard was ongoing and people were advised to stay indoors to keep warm. Residents were waiting for the weather to improve before they even dare go outside.

During her interview with WNEM, Miller said, “It’s the third time that they have closed the actual health department due to weather in 23 years.” She added, “Something I think we have here at hospices is a can-do attitude. If somebody has a need we don’t say ‘no’, we say ‘how we can do that?’”

She explained that they received a call from a hospice patient who needed to have a nurse visit. The nurse who took the call was working and lives in Brimley which is 20 miles away. The nurse called Miller because she knew that she lived close to the patient.

The other nurse asked her if she could go over to check on the patient. “I said sure, I can do that, and I went outside and realized we had a lot of snow. ”

She further added, “It was still snowing, it was still windy. It took a good 15 minutes. They needed a nurse there, I left there feeling good that I was able to help them. I think they felt much reassured that I was there.”

Miller didn’t think that what she did was something unusual. She knew that if she hadn’t gone, someone else would to fill her shoes. She said, “I’m sure that if I couldn’t have done it, our director would have found someone to get a snowmobile out here to get to the patient’s house.

This is bittersweet. I love having the attention for hospice and the Chippewa County Health Department, but the patient is the most important person here, I shouldn’t be getting all the attention. ”

Because of her kind and brave effort to check on her patient, she was given a new nickname – “The Angel in Snowshoes.”

The Hospice E.U.P posted: “What happens on Blizzardy Days, the town is shut down, and a patient needs help with care?? Have no fear, Nancy Miller is here…..on her snowshoes!”

The world surely needs more people like Nurse Nancy Miller.