Hospice Nurse Fulfills Dying Patients Final Wish

Nurses are known to be kind-hearted and caring. They treat their patients like family. They make sure that they provide proper care. In fact, they also act as a friend and a shoulder to cry not only of the patients but also of their families. They deal with strangers every single day, but they make each of them feel like they have a friend and a person that they can trust.

Death is one of the fearful moments of a persons’ life. For some it’s quick, but there are others who have a slow and painful journey. But through the sufferings of a person in his or her last days, there is the pain that is felt by those who are left behind. The grief of watching someone close to your heart who slowly lets go of life is heartbreaking.

None of us can say that they are prepared to lose a loved one. This is why we do everything that we can for them to live a happy life. The heavy heart and fear that we feel for them is nothing compared to what they feel in their hearts. They know that time is running out and they also are afraid of what’s going to happen next.

Death is inevitable, but it is different for those who are already marked for it.

For those who have a family or loved one who is in this situation, it is impossible to imagine what they are going through, and what runs through their heads. Those who are waiting for the time to come respond in different ways.

For Maria, all she wanted is to be surrounded by beautiful music until her last breath.

Maria spent all her life as a piano and singing teacher. Even in her old age, she still wants music to be the last thing that she will remember. She was close to giving up but her final wish was to die listening to beautiful music.

Thankfully, Joshua who is a nurse on duty, was there to grant her wish!

Joshua and Maria did not meet at the hospital. The two formed a bond even before maria was in the hospital bed. Maria was Joshua’s music teacher! He had been one of her students when he was only nine years old. He sang and also learned piano through her teachings. So when Maria gave her final wish, it was such a miracle that Joshua heard it too. He did not hesitate to make it happen.

Maria wanted to hear him sing “How Great Thou Art.” This song meant a lot to this music teacher. It comforted her during the hardest times in her life. It was also her way to celebrate her life. Fortunately, Joshua did not disappoint and granted her final wish.

In some way, fate worked its magic to grant Maria’s final wish. Joshua was his instrument to give this to Maria before she passed away.

The moment Joshua started to sing, Maria began to relax. She just lay there listening intently to every word. As soon as Joshua was done singing, he left the room so that Maria could rest. Soon after, Maria took her last breath.

Nobody would have known about this story. Good thing it was caught on camera and shared online, inspiring others who are also going through the same hardships in life.