Homeless Man Is Reunited With Dog Who Has Been Missing And Cameras Capture Tear-Jerking Moment

May 14th, 2019

No matter who you are or where you are from, each of us feels the same grief and worry like everyone else when you lose a pet.

The fear that they will not be able to make it safely back home will keep on worrying us at the back of our minds. This is why we can’t help but tear up every time we see a video of a pet, especially a dog, who made it back to its owners’ arms.

This is the story of a homeless man named Lee and his pup, Crystal.

According to Toni Mella Sweeney from a volunteer group ‘Helping Hands’ in Leeds, England, Crystal ran off after an argument broke out where she and her and her owner, Lee, were sleeping. Toni shared that Crystal got scared and panicked because of the noisy racket. She took off and Lee was not able to find her.

Even though Toni received news from strangers that they saw Crystal, no one was able to point them to her exact location. She said that they had sightings for two days, then nothing. Someone was even rumored to be seen with her but they are not able to confirm that.

She added, “I contacted Murphy’s Army for help and they swiftly put a team in place, people from all over the country sent well wishes, and followers were doing all the posters. ”

After a week of the extensive and grueling search, Crystal was finally found and reunited with Lee!

Toni shared that it felt awesome the moment she received the call. The whole week of panic and broken hearts dissipated. She said that she spent time with Lee trying to console him and reassured him that they will soon find Crystal.

When Toni received a call one morning, she immediately went to find Lee. She looked around half of Leeds and she eventually found Lee by the coin exchange. They had breakfast to calm him down and then took him to be reunited with his fur baby.

The reunion was caught on video and it was definitely emotional and mind-blowing!

As soon as Lee had Crystal in his arms, he broke down in tears. He surely could not believe that he would see her again. In the video, they gave Lee a slip lead for Crystal, a leash that he can put around his wrist and tie the other end to Crystal so that when he is sleeping, he still got her.

When Crystal moves, he would know. Lee said that he would normally tie her to his leg but they told him that it’s not a good idea.

The people who were there to witness this reunion can’t help but get emotional. Lee and Crystal surely have a special relationship and Lee treats her like family. Everyone is happy that after a long week of looking for his lost dog, Lee was finally reunited with her – no scratches, no injuries.

If you ever lost a dog once in your life, or if you know someone who has, this reunion is something that you can surely relate to and would touch your heart deeply. Take the time to watch this video and know why everyone is loving this reunion. But, prepare your tissues, it can get pretty emotional!