Homeless man kicked off bus for not wearing shoes; Cops buy him a new pair

By Kyle

According to  CBS News, two Chicago police officers were filmed helping a homeless man lace up his boots and jump on the bus.  The anonymous officers were called to a bus stop on December 29 when a homeless man was kicked off a bus for not wearing proper shoes.

According to the officers, his shoes had completely worn through and he did not have anything covering the bottoms of his feet.

The Officers went to a nearby Payless and picked out a new pair of boots for the man.  It was reported they spent $60 for the new pair of size 15 boots.  The officers said the man was very grateful.

The officers asked to remain anonymous, but they said it made them feel good.

This is the kind of news that we all need going into 2017.

Photo Cred: CBS Chicago

Original Story: CBS Chicago

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