Hollywood actor ‘caught in pedophile sting operation’

Gabriel Jarret is reported to have been involved in a sting operation related to alleged predatory behavior.

At 53, the actor is widely recognized for his role in the 1985 film, Real Genius, in which he starred with Val Kilmer. He has also been seen in movies such as Last Days and Apollo 13, as well as TV series like The West Wing and 21 Jump Street.

It is claimed that Jarret sent inappropriate messages to an individual he believed to be a 13-year-old girl. MailOnline has reported that a group known as Creep Catcher Unit, which aims to unveil online predators, was behind a decoy account that had interactions with Jarret over a year.

Reports suggest that a meetup was arranged between Jarret and the supposed ‘teenager’ in Santa Monica. Screenshots presented by the outlet show conversations where the actor believed he was communicating with a minor. The Creep Catcher Unit had planned to intercept Jarret at the rendezvous, where he expressed his belief that the girl was 18 and stated he wanted to meet to ask the individual to cease contact.

MailOnline referenced a video, now removed, in which Jarret stated, “I’m not here for a 13-year-old girl. There was someone persistently contacting me, and I’ve told her multiple times to stop. I came here to tell her that.” He further mentioned, “She told me she was 18.”

The group has reportedly handed over the video and other related material to the Santa Monica police. Communications provided by the outlet allege that the conversation began in May 2022, and they suggest inappropriate behavior by Jarret towards the purported minor. The contact number linked to Jarret in these exchanges aligns with one he used on legal documents in LA in 2018.