Hero Toddlers’ Quick Thinking Saves Mom and Brother From Life-Threatening Crash

Jul 20th, 2021

Some parents think that their young children are hopeless without them. Little did they know that kids these days are smarter and can be dependable. Sometimes, all they need is for us adults to have a little faith in them that despite their age, they can be responsible too.

But can you say the same for toddlers?

Well, five-year-old Lexi Shymanski is going to prove to us that when taught right, they know exactly what to do especially during emergency and life-threatening situations.

Swim teacher Angela Shymanski drove her family through the Canadian Rockies in Alberta on a Monday in June. She got really tired and she knew that she can’t keep on driving. Concerned for her children, Lexi, and her baby brother, Peter, Angela decided that she needed to pull over at a nearby rest stop. But before they even get there, she already struggled to keep herself awake.

Then, the car then crashed down a 40-foot-deep embankment on the side of the road.

The accident left mother and son significantly injured. Angela had life-threatening injuries as she had broken her back. Peter’s brain was bleeding too. They were in a life and death situation and things are not looking good for the family.

Luckily, little Lexi, who was the only one who didn’t receive any serious injuries, immediately jumped into action. She knew exactly what to do, and that is to save her mom and her little brother.

Lexi unbuckled herself from her booster seat, opened the door, and climbed up the steep embankment to start looking for help. It was not an easy climb for the little girl. It was a steep terrain and she walked over sticks, roots, and rocks barefoot. She then reached the side of the road and started flagging down passing drivers for help. At the time, the little girl acted as if she was not 5-years-old.

Luckily, help didn’t take long to arrive. Lonnie and Jeremia Jurek saw Lexi on the road.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Lonnies said, “Seeing her come out from a real, large embankment. I’m like, ‘Jeremiah, we have to stop!”

Jeremiah on the other hand couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He shared, “She was standing on the edge of the road and just trying to get traffic to stop. She was screaming and motioning to traffic to stop.”

The couple followed Lexi down the embankment. They saw the wreck and they immediately called the paramedics.

Angela and Peter were both airlifted to the hospital. They needed to stay there for 19 days to fully recover from their injuries. Angela broke her back in two places. Peter needed neurosurgery to drain excess blood from his brain from the crash. Angela has expressed her gratitude for her daughter’s actions. She said, “This little girl is the reason that I am alive, and that my baby’s alive and that my family’s together.”

Lexi’s father, who wasn’t at the accident, also could not believe his daughters’ unimaginable bravery. He tearfully said, “I just started bawling pretty much. I couldn’t believe what she’d done.”

Thanks to Lexi’s quick thinking, she saved her mother and brother.

Also, the Edmonton police rewarded Lexi with a bronze medal for her bravery.