Here’s The Real Story Behind The Girl Who Was Born With Silver Eyes

May 14th, 2019

Every child is special. This is why we always feel gravitated towards them if ever we see them on the street with mom and dad, or someone shared their cute pictures online.

If you ever came across a picture of a cute little girl with ‘piercing’ blue eyes, that’s Primrose. Her mom shared a story about her online and it touched the heart of millions of people from all over the world.

Primrose was born in China and she has congenital glaucoma. This turned her eyes to bluish-gray color. She was abandoned by her mother and was sent to an orphanage. Her first 23 months after birth was not easy.

Her eyes were untreated and it caused her tremendous pain and suffering. Because of her condition, Primrose can’t see and her hearing is also impaired. This little girl is having a difficult life but somebody out there is about to change it for her.

In 2014, Eryn saw Primrose’s photo on Facebook at an adoption advocacy post, her heart broke for this little angel. Her heart was telling her that she was meant to be this baby’s mom. Eryn and her husband, Chris, knew since 2011 that they will pursue to adopt a child from China. So when she saw her photo, she instantly sent emails and was asking for information about her.

They didn’t waste any time and instantly flew across the world to adopt her!

But the adoption process was not easy for them. They struggled to come up with the money for the adoption. Aside from that, Primrose was feverish and sick when they first got to her. There were times that Eryn and her husband weren’t sure if she was healthy enough to make it back home with them. But still, they never gave up!

Adoption day came. Both Eryn and Chris were very emotional during the process. She shared, “I cried the whole day, smiled and wept over the fingerprints we both smudged onto her official papers. She was finally ours. She was ours all along.”

From them on, they started to become her parents. They taught her to drink without aspirating, to eat from a spoon, and even helped her learn to sit with support from pillows or their legs. They tried their best to communicate with her in broken newly acquired Mandarin.

They also told her about her home, her brother and sister, and also the animals that are waiting for her. She slowly began to accept their comforting and slowly accepted them.

Eryn said, “As we lifted into the sky to head back across the ocean, I whispered to her anxious little heart, ‘You will never be alone again, Primrose.’”

According to Eryn, Primrose has a rare genetic syndrome – 6p25. But even though this rare condition caused her blindness and more challenges that she has to face each day, Eryn and Chris are prepared. This would make their day to day living complicated and different, but actually richer.

Eryn shared that their family went from a comfortable life, vacationing at Disney, and going and doing as they all please, to be advocates, researchers, amateur physicians, and therapists.

“I sit here today telling Prim she is safe, that Mama and Daddy are here, that we will hold her every second if that is what she needs to feel better.”