He converts double-decker bus into tiny home for his his family of eight

Dane Eyerly is a brave individual who, unlike many, is actively pursuing the dream of a nomadic lifestyle with his wife and six children. Their chosen mode of adventure is a creatively converted double-decker bus, which has gained significant attention with 15 million views in their home/bus tour video, featured on YouTube’s Tiny Home Tours channel.

Within the front section of the bus, Dane has established his home office and the bus’s cockpit. His software-related job allows him to work remotely, making it an ideal fit for their new on-the-go lifestyle. The bus boasts a fully-equipped farmhouse-style kitchen, complete with a sizable refrigerator, freezer, a two-burner stove, and an oven. Additionally, a full-size 30-inch kitchen sink facilitates their culinary endeavors.

Dane explained their choice of a two-burner stove, emphasizing their frequent use of the Instapot for cooking and their preference for outdoor cooking. Adjacent to the kitchen, a spacious dining area accommodates the entire family with a folding table that conveniently extends from behind the seating area.

One striking feature of the bus is its abundance of natural light, thanks to its generous windows, which were a significant factor in their decision to acquire the bus in the first place, as Dane revealed in the Tiny Home Tours video.

Their journey toward a life on the road began with a realization that chasing money and higher job titles had left them feeling tied down and disconnected from family. During a road trip from Utah to Texas, they found genuine happiness in such experiences. Their research led them to opt for converting a double-decker bus as the ideal choice for their adventurous lifestyle.

Continuing the bus tour, Dane showcased the bus’s sanitary facilities, including two separate toilets and a full-size shower with cedar walls to ensure everyone’s convenience. On the upper level, they have a ventless washer and dryer combo, as well as a unique appliance called a Sweepovac that efficiently manages dirt and dust within the bus.

The children have personalized bunk beds, and their dedicated area at the back of the bus holds all their homeschooling materials. Dane and his wife’s king-size bed doubles as a play area for the kids during the day.

Their journey began with the purchase of the bus in August 2020, followed by delivery to builders in September of the same year, and they finally took possession of it in December 2021. Their plan is to follow 70-degree weather, avoiding extremes of cold and heat, and initially spending two weeks in each of the lower 48 states over the next two years. They will assess the viability of this lifestyle every six months.

The bus’s roof deck is a standout feature, equipped with boat decking for safety and offering a private outdoor space where the family enjoys movie nights.

Dane and his family have taken a leap that many only dream of and may be too apprehensive to pursue. They are now part of the 11 million households that own an RV, and they aim to inspire others to embark on a similar journey. Despite never setting foot in an RV before, Dane believes the rewards far outweigh the risks they’ve undertaken.

The Eyerly family is setting off on an incredible adventure, and their journey promises to be an inspiring one. You can watch their complete bus house tour in the video below, courtesy of Tiny Home Tours on YouTube.