‘Hail Satan!’ Devilish Ritual Clip Unexpectedly Cuts Into Live Television News Segment

Sep 14th, 2021

Anything can happen during a live television broadcast. For sure you have seen hilarious Live TV mistakes on YouTube where news anchors forget their lines, they become unaware that they’re on-air, and other common problems that they come across.

But recently, viewers were left shocked and confused when Australia’s ABC network accidentally played a Satanic clip during a live broadcast. The network was playing a routine news telecast when the anchor was taken by surprise when a “Hail Satan!” clip was played during a switch of visuals. Australian TV viewers got a brief glimpse of this hellish ritual and they were not sure how to respond to it.

The segment starts by showing a few suit-clad men standing outside of a building, possibly discussing Queensland’s proposal on hurting police animals to be treated as a criminal offense.

Then out of the blue, the scene shifts to the visual of three people standing behind an inverted brightly lit, upside-down cross. One of them is seen wearing a black robe-like dress with a flowing cape behind, hands held up. The man dressed in a black robe can be seen putting up his hands and saying “Hail, Satan!”

The anchor Yvonne Yong was presenting the story when her narration gets visually cut by a shot of three officers walking down, and then pans back at her. Yong managed to keep a straight face after the video mixup.

After a brief pause, she moved right onto the next story.

It is still not clear how the Satanic clip got spliced into the footage and made its way in between the segment. Business Insider said that the Satanic footage might have come from the Facebook page named Noosa Temple of Satan, a group based in Queensland, Australia.

And of course, the Facebook page of “The Noosa Temple of Satan” retweeted the clip with this caption: “ Satan works in mysterious ways.”

The clip has gained 6,481 likes and 2,338 retweets.

Many people were surprised that a glitch like this could actually happen. You see, both the topics are so far and wide and it can’t be the fact that the footage might just overlap.

This Twitter user re-Tweeted the clip with this caption: “Seems literally impossible to believe that a video clip splice like that was accidental not to mention why a network would even have that sort of video, to begin with… this world is so dam evil it’s gross. ”

People online have their own opinions regarding the incident. But this Twitter user seemed to have an informed and rather convincing answer to this. The Twitter user explained: “They were doing a story about the Satanic Temple (an atheistic organization that uses their status to test religious freedom laws), so it’s incredibly easy to believe it was accidental, actually.”

It’s good to have a break from all the negativity that we are seeing on the news these days. But for sure, not everyone might appreciate this creepy Satanic twist that nobody could ever explain. People have their own theories, but nobody could really confirm them.

What are your thoughts about this glitch on live TV? Do you think it was done on purpose as others believe? Or was it an honest mistake?

ABC's satanic slip-up. What was going on here? @abcnews pic.twitter.com/D1dWfjOYhM

— Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) August 19, 2021