Guy Takes To Social Media After Finding Out Ex-Wife Got Engaged Again, Post Goes Viral Overnight

Jan 10th, 2019

Following the news of the engagement of his ex-wife, the divorced husband proceeded online to share his thought on the engagement.

After going through the pangs of divorce, Blake Higginbotham is sure no stranger to the stress and demands it puts on either partner especially when you are the responsible for three kids coupled with managing your own small business.

In a picture posted by his ex-wife where she expressed excitement over the new engagement ring that she was wearing on her finger, Blake seeing this decided to write some thoughts on the social media on how he viewed the event.

Making mention of his ex-wife he wrote: “This is my ex-wife, the mother of my three children, the woman who brought all 3 of my children to the World”.

Not wanting to leave the public in the dark, he went on to explain the circumstance behind their marriage and eventually their divorce. He explained that he and the woman by the name of Heather married at a young age. However, after seeing through three children, they could not cope with keeping up and eventually succumbed to divorce which he described as bitter.

Following the event of the divorce, the couple was left with the big question hanging in the air, the best possible way to co-parent. The answer to which could not be provided immediately.

In a situation that could be likened to the old adage of when life throws lemons at you, squeeze it and make a lemonade out of it, Blake wanted the public to learn from what had happened to the couple and instead of being bitter at either partner following a divorce, he advised happiness and a pure love between them. They may no longer be married but even in divorce, they could still be friends.

Three years down the line, instead of his relationship between them plunging downhill, Blake referred to it as a different and healthy one.

The healthy relationship between the two couples was also extended to the sharing of their parenting roles. They evenly share the kids and give their best to the kids whenever such demand arises. He ascribed the success in co-parenting to “Teamwork”.

That being said as it is, he went ahead to wish the new couples the best they could get out of their union. He acknowledged the man Heather was about marrying and described him as a great guy. A man that always radiates loves towards his own kids and whom the kids love in return. What more could any man ask for?

After experiencing the hurt that comes with divorce, heather’s relationship has turned out to be something that he feels grateful for.

To him, just because the husband-wife relationship didn’t work out doesn’t necessarily mean they could not be mom and dad, all it takes is seeing the whole incident from a new angle. This was his piece of encouragement to any couple going through a divorce.

Following Blake’s post on the social media, which has gained widespread publicity, people from all walks of life has been applauding the couple for their maturity and healthy relationship.

As to be expected, heather after reading the post by Blake expressed her thought by writing how much of a great team they make. She couldn’t deny the fact that the journey was not smooth but she could not have asked for a better co-parent. She described the family as a blessed one, something they both always wanted for their kids. “Thank you Blake,” she said.

The maturity and respect displayed by the couples have been applauded by many. Sure the ride was bumpy, but they were mature enough to put the interest of the three kids above their conflict.