Just Wait and See Why The GroovaRoo Dance Is Becoming Popular Amongst New Mommies Everywhere

By Kelly Larsen

Not long ago, we shared this piece about a pregnant mom doing an awesome dance routine, and we thought nothing could be better. Now, there’s a new viral video, and it just might be the best thing we’ve shared yet! These mamas perform a choreographed dance to Sugar Ray’s “Fly,” with their babies strapped to their bellies, and needless to say, it’s so sweet!

These mothers are dancing as part of a San Diego class offered by KangaGroove. The owners of the company, Amber & Meeshi Anjali, “lead funky babywearing dance classes for new mamas, papas and their little ‘joeys’ in the San Diego area.”

All the mothers have big smiles on their faces as they move to the rhythm of the music. The cutest part is when the song gets to the line “put your arms around me, baby” and they all put their arms around their surprisingly-calm babies! You’ll also want want to watch the 2:09 mark, when the dance unexpectedly speeds up and the mothers start dancing with each other in pairs. Meeshi and Amber Anjali, the class instructors, even point to Amber’s pregnant belly as they dance along.

The happiness is infectious, and it’s impossible not to smile while you watch the video. It’s easy to see why the video has gone viral. Since being posted on KangaGroove’s Facebook page on February 5th, the video has gotten nearly 7 million views! The response has been overwhelming, and Amber and Meeshi are now working to bring their classes to cities and countries all over the world! As stated on their Facebook page, you can donate to KangaGroove’s GoFundMe page if you’re interested in bringing the classes to your area.

What do you think of KangaGroove’s dance routine?

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