Groom is Beyond Surprised When He Turns To Finally Meet His Bride

Jan 14th, 2022

Before waiting for their bride to walk down the aisle, grooms are able to get a glimpse of their bride. When this moment finally came for David Hoffman, he could not wait to see his stunning bride on her beautiful wedding dress. After patiently waiting on her, he could not wait to finally see her walk down the aisle.

His 29-year-old bride, Brianne, made it clear to him that she wanted to make their wedding serious and traditional. She doesn’t want anybody to joke around and David respected that. But of course, not all weddings happen as planned.

The couple’s close friend, Davids’ best man Timmy Horton, is going to change things up. He wanted to make this moment extra memorable for his best friend. And he has a plan.

Timmy is a 37-year-old carpenter. He is friends with the couple and he wanted to play a wedding prank on David. Inspired by the wedding gags they saw online, he convinced Brianne to let him do this. The bride was hesitant at first, but she later agreed.

With the wedding photographer in tow, they knew that this was going to be fun. The unsuspecting groom will never forget this day, that’s for sure.

Brianne suggested tricking David during the fake ‘first look’ photoshoot. Anna Morrison, the wedding photographer was going to capture the ‘first look’ where the bride reveals her dress to the groom before she walks down the aisle.

While the camera is rolling and taking photos of this momentous event, David was really nervous. He, later on, shared, “Right at that moment I was anxious. I was trying to calm my nerves because I was about to see my bride for the first time.”

He patiently waits for his bride. As planned, Brianne was going to come up from behind him, tap his shoulder, and reveal her beautiful look in her wedding dress. When David felt the tap on his shoulder, he turned around. But what he saw shocked him.

It was Timmy in a wedding dress!

David said, “I was expecting to see Brianne and I turned around to see Timmy in a wedding dress. He was pale and hairy and we love each other very much but not in that way. I was falling down laughing.”

If you’re worried that he ruined Brianne’s dress, don’t. Anna the photographer lends him her old wedding dress. He was able to squeeze into it to make this prank happen.

The moment when David turns around and sees Timmy on a wedding dress, he can’t help but let out hysterical laughter. The bearded Timmy was not only in a wedding dress but he was wearing a veil too.

Timmy said, “I was really nervous and anxious because it’s my best friend and I love the bride and groom so much. When it happened I just couldn’t restrain myself and I burst out laughing. I think it really broke the ice and the tension.”

Of course, after the prank, David finally saw his real bride for the first time in her wedding dress. The prank sure made the bride and groom less nervous, but now, they were both overcome with emotion.

David and Brianne tied the knot in a solemn ceremony surrounded by their loved ones.