Grocery Store Pulls All Pepsi Products Off The Shelf

Nov 23rd, 2021

The owner of a grocery store in Alabama has decided to take off all Pepsi products from his shelves.

Philip Stewart, the owner of a store in Alabama, puled all bottles of PepsiCo from is shells, then he went on to offer an explanation of his actions on Facebook.

He wrote, “This just might cause me to lose a lot of business, but I’m going to do it nonetheless. S&Z Supermarket will currently not be providing Diet Pepsi or 20 ounces PepsiCo bottles. This is due to the fact that these bottles are currently being produced with the logo on the NFL on them.

I will not be making this product available until this logo is removed. I will not roll over and bow down just because I want to make a dollar as long as these athletes are allowed to bow down and cause disrespect to the country and flag that I love”

The first player to start the keeling movement was Colin Kaepernick back in 2016. The trend has been picked up by a lot of other players, and they have stated that the reason for kneeling is to bring attention to police violence in America, especially towards African Americans.

Stewart will most likely have to wait a little while before he will be able to fill his shelves with bottles of Pepsi. The logo of the NFL will continue to be on bottles of Pepsi and Gatorade until the SuperBowl in 2019.

Stewart said to NB affiliate WAFF that he will be staying true to this decision.

“I don’t want to support them at all because I feel like it is wrong. I can’t in good conscience sell the product just because it has the logo on it”

He also said, “I pulled them from the shelves myself. The customers didn’t know I was doing any of that. I sold the products that I had that didn’t have the logo on it and I told both my rep and the delivery guy that I didn’t want those products brought to my store because I won’t sell them”

He further explained to WHNT that he’s not opposed to the cause that the NFL players are trying to raise awareness to. The only problem he has is with kneeling during the anthem.

“Their cause is very just. I just think that there are other ways to deal with it. Their actions have brought attention to the issue, and I’m sure that there is some good that comes from it. I just don’t agree with their tactic”

“What I did helps me sleep at night. I know that I’m not supporting someone who is doing something that I don’t believe in”

Apart from not selling these bottles, Stewart has said that he also won’t be watching any FNL football after the protests. He said, “I’m just trying to not really make a statement. I just don’t want to support anything that deals with the NFL. I feel guilty when I see 3 minutes of a game. I get up and go outside. Just don’t want to watch any games”

Stewart’s action isn’t getting much thought from everyone who comes into the shop. Aaron Bishop who served as a Marine, told WAFF 48, “Do I care personally? No. I’ll take a Pepsi, hit my Nike golf clubs. It will make some people mad, but I have other things to worry about”