Grieving Pitbull Who Lost Her Litter Finds Her Purpose With Orphaned Pups

Nov 20th, 2020

Grieving Pitbull Who Lost Her Litter Finds Her Purpose With Orphaned Pups

Mommy dogs are very protective of their pups. In fact, young pups need to stay with their mother for at least twelve weeks. This way, they can grow and develop before they are ready to be adopted. Pups are delicate and need lots of attention, and this is exactly what the momma dog can offer.

But what do you think will a mother dog will feel when she losses her pups? Were they even aware that they were pregnant?

The story of this mother dog will prove that they have feelings, especially when it comes to their pups. You see, this pitbull mom was heartbroken after learning that she lost her litter. The new mom was mourning and the rescuers knew that they needed to do something before she becomes more depressed. To make her feel better, they gave her something to care for that surely changed her.

The rescuers gave her an orphaned pup to look after. After they found a new purpose for this new mom with this orphaned pup, it did not take long for this pit bull to be back to her happy self again. And doing this was definitely the best of both worlds. The grieving mom was able to find herself back again and the pup found a new mom that would look after her.

The pit bull named Daya was discovered as she was wandering the streets in York South Carolina in the middle of winter. She was pregnant so the animal control officers reached out to the local shelter, Halfway There Rescue. But they do not want Daya to give birth at the shelter.

So they arranged for her to be fostered so she would be able to have a safe delivery of her pups in a home environment.

But instead of happily welcoming her babies, she had a traumatic pregnancy. She needed to undergo emergency surgery because of infection complications. And because of this, she lost her puppies. It was clear to the rescuers that Daya was heartbroken after losing her litter. She grieved and the shelter workers started to worry about her.

So they had an idea. They thought that Daya needed to meet Raisin.

Raisin was an orphaned puppy and was found wandering on a road. She had injured her eye and she was very sick. And they knew that she needed tender loving motherly care. And the shelter workers were hoping that Daya would be that mother pup for her. And when they brought the two together, then instantly had a connection.

She probably felt that Raisin needed a mom, and the pup also felt that Daya needed someone to cheer her up. And the shelter workers noticed that Raisin felt safer with Daya for the very first time. And Daya felt more complete and happy since the day she lost her pups.

And as they expected, Daya cared for Raisin until she was past weening and had grown. And now that she is happier, Daya settled happily into her new foster family who in the end, decided to adopt her. And Raisin had also been adopted by the family who fostered her. Now, she has a younger sibling that she goes with, thanks to Daya who made her feel loved and cared for.