Grieving Mom Finally Confronts Little Boy Who Keeps Showing Up At Her Son’s Grave

Sep 22nd, 2022

Having a family that was once a member of the military is something that you can definitely be proud of. During Memorial Day, it is heartwarming to know that millions of people from all across the country are honoring the fallen soldiers and some are even visiting their graves, offering them flowers and balloons to remember the sacrifices that they have given for our country.

This is also the reason why a young boy together with his family always visits the Wilmington National Cemetary and place American flags on the graves of these fallen soldiers. But 7-year-old Mason Lee has an instant connection to one of these soldier’s graves.

This grave belonged to Sergeant TJ Butler.

The little boy wanted to know more about the man. During an interview with WECT News, Mason’s mom, Sarah, shared that he had a lot of questions about the soldier. She said, “He wanted to know if he had a son and a family, and wanted to know more about him. It was really touching because you could tell he was really soaking it all in. That this was somebody’s son, somebody’s daddy.”

The next year, they returned to the cemetery and once again put flags on the graves. Mason wanted to visit Sgt. Butler’s grave again and so they did. He even drew a picture of an American flag and a shield for him. He also placed it in a plastic bag so they can leave it at the soldiers’ gravesite. According to Mason, he drew the picture because Butler “was a hero.”

“It must have made a huge impact on him to be that young and remember something like that,” Sarah said.

Leslie, Sgt. Butlers’ mom regularly visits her sons’ grave. She found Mason’s gesture to be sweet and she was moved by his kindness. She also wanted to meet Mason who had paid tribute to her son. According to Leslie, her son passed away in Afghanistan in 2012 because of a suicide bomber.

It was time for Leslie and Mason to meet!

Leslie prepared something for the little boy that she hoped he would love – a Captain America toy! She also shared that TJ’s teachers called him a social butterfly all his life. She added, “So I’m thinking he still is a social butterfly. For Mason’s age, I thought it was very special that he came down and visited TJ.”

Mason is planning to leave a flag on the soldier’s grave on his next visit and Leslie was happy to hear about this. She said that as long as Mason is there, he can place his flag on her sons’ grave and she can be happy knowing that Mason is going to give her son his flag.

She told WECT that TJ was very proud to be in the Army but sadly, he was very young when he passed away.

It is normal for kids to have an interest in soldiers, but it is quite special when they find it in themselves to honor the brave service people who once protected our country. We hope that like Mason, we can also find time to visit these fallen soldiers during Memorial Day and help remember and honor them for their service.