Girl Who Is Teased Because Of The Clothes She Wears Gets The Last Laugh

Sep 24th, 2020

Now all families have the luxury to buy their teenager kids fashionable clothes. But this should not be the reason for these kids to be bullied. Maybe most adults nowadays have been bullied at least once in their younger years. It can be for their looks, weight, choice of clothes, for the braces, for wearing eyeglasses, and even because they are smarter than their bullies.

There are so many reasons for that, and for most kids these days, it’s because their parents can’t afford to buy them fancy dresses or expensive shoes or bags.

This is what a 7th grader named Haley Olsen has been experiencing.

Haley has six siblings and her family is not financially lucky. This is why they cannot afford to buy her the trendiest clothes that other teenagers have. She wears hand-me-downs and because of this, she is always teased at school. It must have been painful for Haley and having friends at school might have been a problem. All she needed was one friend to hug and comfort her in times like these.

For years, Haley had to suffer every day every time she goes to school at Atkinson Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona. It was so difficult for her and she would often come home with tears in her eyes and a broken heart.

One day, everything changed for this teenager!

Mariah Andrew is one of Haley’s schoolmates. She saw what Haley has been going through so she decided to befriend her. She could not just sit back and watch her other classmates torment this girl. Haley was happy that finally, someone found her worthy to be a friend.

Little did she know that friendship is not the only thing that Mariah can give her.

Little by little, Mariah was able to gather information about the size of Haley’s clothes and shoes. As soon as she went home, she gathered everything that she needs for a little surprise for her new friend. The next school day, Mariah gave Haley the backup and when she opened it, she was shocked with what she saw. The bag was packed with shoes and clothes!

Haley said, “I was jumping all over the place screaming how happy I was.”

Mariah was so touched by Haley’s reaction. She said, “It made me feel happy at first and the day that I gave it to her, I was trying so hard not to cry. ” It might not mean that much to Mariah, but to Haley, this was probably one of the best surprises she got.

Their other classmates learned about what Mariah did and they felt inspired to help Haley. Aside from that, the Sonoran Smile Orthodontics also heard about Haley’s story and they donated free dental work for the teenager.

Even at a very young age, Mariah is one of the kindest people that we know. She was not told to make friends with the bully’s victim, she was not even asked to give her anything. In fact, she could have easily turned a blind eye and just let the other girls emotionally torture Haley because she doesn’t even know the girl. But she did not!

Instead, she made Haley’s life better not only by the material things she gave her but also for the friendship that was offered to her.