Girl Wants To Send Box To Her “Mommy In Heaven”, Post Office Then Takes Measures Granny Didn’t Foresee

Aug 9th, 2018

Losing a parent as a child, especially a mother, can be very painful and agonizing, especially if you were close to them. Many children who find themselves in this situation grow up with the grief and hardly get over the loss. In more extreme cases (especially when the parent dies in a tragedy) they may have to seek help from psychiatrists and psychologists to get over the trauma.

Little Bella Graham lost her mother to sudden illness within the same year she was born. Lucky for her, she was too young to understand what was going on, and this spared her a significant amount of pain as she hardly even remembers her mother. She has been living with her grandmother since then.

Laura Fisher has been trying hard to give her little granddaughter a normal childhood while offering her some memories of her mother without agonizing her. She explained to the little girl that her mommy was in heaven, watching over them every day.

Bella likes birthdays and believes that every single one should be celebrated well, with a big birthday cake if possible. Therefore, when her mother’s birthday approached, the little girl wanted to know how it would be celebrated. Laura noticed that little Bella was getting worried about it and knew that she had to come up with a smart way to please her grandchild.

She approached the local post office and expressed her concern. Bella wanted them to make a cake that she would send to her mom in heaven for her birthday. The post office attendants heard this and let Laura know that they would try their best to help her.

Laura then explained to Bella that they would mail her mom the cake through the post office. Bella seemed satisfied with that, and the two set to work. Laura, who was also a baker, made a huge two-tier cake for her daughter’s birthday with some help from her adorable little assistant. They then wrapped it up nicely in a box, and the Bella addressed it sweetly ‘To Mommy in Heaven.’

Bella’s grandmother then tipped the post office to let them know that they would be arriving in a few minutes. When they got there, Laura was not prepared for what the attendants had planned. On their arrival at the post office, the staff immediately recognized them.

They then set up a special line for people who were sending letters and parcels exclusively to ‘heaven.’ Laura and Bella got in the line and handed the cake over to the post office attendant, who dully stamped it under Bella’s careful eye.

The little girl was then firmly assured that mommy would get her cake by the time her birthday arrived. They left the post office with Bella absolutely delighted that her mother was going to have a beautiful sweet cake for her birthday. She was so happy, and she imagined how her mom would have a party in heaven.

Laura, on the other hand, could not believe what the post office had done for her granddaughter. She was beyond surprised and thought that the staff was god-sent.

As Laura and her grandma walked back home in absolute bliss, one can’t help but admire Laura for going to such lengths to make her granddaughter happy.