Girl With Alopecia Rocks Awesome Look On Crazy Hair Day At School

Jul 31st, 2020

Kids, especially girls will always have a favorite hairstyle. Whether it’s pigtail with cute ribbons, ponytail, braids, or maybe they just want to wear their hair straight and long and accent it with a cute hairpin. Kids are always excited to rock their favorite hairstyle to school during the Crazy Hair Day.

Every kid is crazy excited about the Crazy Hair Day at school, but probably not Gianessa.

Gianessa is a 7-year-old girl. She was very nervous about this big day because she has alopecia. Because of her condition, she lost all her hair. Those who are dealing with alopecia will start with losing patches of their hair, and eventually, everything will fall out.

For Gianessa, she started losing a few more hairs than usual, then it was completely gone. Her mom, Daniella Wride, who is a nurse knew everything about this condition. However, the little girl had a very hard time coping up especially after her grandmother passed away. Her mom believes that when her daughter started to lose her hair, one of the biggest factors was the stress of her grandma’s passing.

When Crazy Hair Day was approaching, Gianessa started to panic because she was afraid that her friends will bully her at school. This made her lose her self-confidence. To boost her confidence, mom decided to do something special for her daughter. They wanted to show everyone that losing all your hair is nothing to be ashamed of. Your hair or the lack of, should not define you.

Daniella is a crafty mom so she decided to use sparkling jewels to give Gianessa her crazy hairstyle!

Instead of hair, her head was full of beautiful jewels, flowers, and even an owl. Daniella knew that her daughter likes glittery things. They found this in a scrapbooking department at their local store. Gianessa wants to be a fashion designer one day and for sure, her creations will involve a lot of sparkles and glitters.

Making this hairstyle was fun for Gianessa and her mom. In fact, this was an excellent idea!

The kids at school loved Gianessa’s hair. They all ran to her the moment she arrived at school. And when the winner was announced to the kid who rocked the craziest hairstyle for the Crazy Hair Day, it was Gianessa!

Gianessa initially thought that this day will be filled with sadness and tears, but she was wrong. The little girl was really happy and this made her mom happy. That day, Gianessa regained her confidence. Now, she can joke to other people that her body simply doesn’t like her hair!

Gianessa’s story is truly an inspiration to others, both kids and adults alike, who also have to live with alopecia or anything similar to her situation.

Autoimmune diseases can break you emotionally, but it will always be up to you on how you handle this problem. You can always wear something to cover it up. Maybe a scarf, a hat, or even a wig. But hey, you can also wear not to wear anything at all.

There is nothing wrong with having no hair. If you learn to accept and love yourself, the others will learn to accept and love you too. Always remember that.