Friends Didn’t Think Their Buddy Didn’t Survive The War, Reunite 53 Years Later

May 3rd, 2021

The Vietnam War is by far the most unforgettable and the toughest one that the United States has been in. It started on February 28, 1961, and didn’t officially end until May 7, 1975.

Many American soldiers fight for our freedom and some of them lose their lives. And sometimes, they return home and end up being treated poorly. When military personnel signs up and goes to war, there is no assurance that they get back home safe and sound.

This is exactly what happened to these three friends. What the other two did not expect was for them to see their friend whom they thought they lost during the war over five decades ago.

A video of their heartwarming reunion was uploaded to social media and has reached more than 577,000 viewers from all across the globe.

The video tells the story of two Vietnam veterans, Ivis Sloane and Jim Martin. When they returned home after their deployment for the Vietnam war, they thought that one of their friends, Tony, didn’t make it. The three of them served together and had formed a special connection with each other. They became more than just best friends. During the Vietnam War, they depended on each other.

Tony was critically injured in the war. Ivis and Jim knew that he was rushed to the hospital and they thought that they’d never see him again.

And for the last 53 years, Ivis and Jim thought that they had already lost Tony. And unlike them, he will not be able to enjoy life with his family anymore. But they never thought that Tony was just out there, safely back home.

Five decades later, with the help of the internet, Ivis and Jim learned their Tony was alive!

After learning that Tony is alive, they know that they have to reunite. They discovered that Tony’s friends and family were throwing him a 75th birthday party. So this is the perfect time for their surprise reunion.

Without Tony’s knowledge, Ivis and Jim showed up at his 75th birthday party. And for the first time in more than 50 years, there they were back together again, just like they were while they were still serving in the Vietnam War.

With hugs and tears, the three men started to catch up. Tony stated that he was still trying to figure out who Jim was because he looked completely different. But he immediately recognized Ivis. They did not only reunite but they also had the chance to meet each of their extended families.

For sure this was the birthday party that Tony never expected to happen. But this reunion was not the only surprise. In fact, they have another surprise for Tony. And this one was huge!

Surrounded by the people he loved and cared for, and together with the local veteran’s biker club, Tony was presented with a Purple Heart.

This day was surely one of the best not only for Tony but also for his long-lost friends. The reunion was long overdue and that goes the same for Tony’s prestigious award.

Tony, Ivis, and Jim sure missed a lot of celebrations together over the decades, but there is no doubt that they will make up for the lost time. What matters for Ivis and Jim this time was knowing that their friend Tony is alive.