We Found The Video That Mariah Carey Was Paid $11 Million To Film

Jul 31st, 2020

We all know Mariah Carey to be one of the biggest names in the music industry. We also know that celebrities like her are the most sought-after this Christmas season. In fact, her music is going to take over the music charts and of course, our hearts once again.

When we talk about the holiday season, Mariah Carey will always be part of that, especially when it comes to our music and song choices.

In fact, her name became so synonymous with the holiday season that according to Bandt.com, PepsiCo reportedly paid her $11 million just to star in their new Walkers Chip commercial and to help promote their holiday flavors!

This advertisement starts with Mariah singing her amazing rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is you. ” Then it shows the behind-the-scenes set where she is being filmed of the performance while some of the cameramen are eating the Walkers crisps and lip-synching along.

Her singing is cut and we can then see her handing out gifts to her crew. She narrates the commercial saying, “I love Christmas, it’s a magical time…a time for giving, a time for caring, a time for sharing…”

Then, she grabs the last bag of Walkers chips out of a basket while one of the crew members who is dressed as an elf tries to take it from her. The two then started fighting over the last bag of Walkers chips, going back and forth about who saw the big first.

Their argument was over a bag of the Pigs in Blankets flavor, which joins Brussels Sprout as one of the British brand’s limited-edition chip flavors available for this season.

In the end, the queen of runs and riffs wins the fight just by hitting that note that almost nobody can ever hit. She then claims that the bag for herself and takes the smallest bite of a chip. The commercial ends with their new slogan that says, “Walkers… Too good to share.”

PepsiCo Inc. is one of the leading food and beverage companies. They manufacture and distribute products in more than 200 countries worldwide. Their products include chips, flavored snacks, cereals, pasta, rice, and dairy-based products. Their beverage product portfolio includes carbonated soft drinks, juices, ready-to-drink tea, coffee, sports drinks, and bottled water.

According to Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) which is a market research company, PepsiCo owns 9 out of 40 largest packaged goods trademarks in the United States. They also own different brands and 22 of them include Pepsi, Lays, and Gatorade. When it comes to revenues, they generate more than $1 billion in each of these revenues.

So there is no doubt that they can afford the $11 million offer for Mariah Carey. The company tapped the singer to help them promote their Walker chips. But the question is, was it all worth it? Would you eat a Pigs In Blankets-flavored chips?

We don’t think anyone would be offered that much money just to sing a couple of lines of her famous Christmas song rendition and take a little bit of that chip if they are not Mariah Carey. At this time of the year, for sure many will agree that anything that Mariah does is worth it.