The First Words Prince Harry Spoke To His Bride Have Finally Been Revealed

Aug 10th, 2018

Nothing drew more attention from all over the world this year than the royal wedding. The classic affair was attended by prominent guests who were strictly invited only. Every news television network broadcasted the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from all over the world, leaving no detail to the imagination. The colorful event was accompanied with a lot of pomp and glory as the Royal Family welcomed their first African-American bride.

From famous actresses to renowned musicians, they all came dressed to kill to witness the marriage. Those who were not invited glued their eyes to their television sets and computers the whole day as they admired the couple. Those who were around Birmingham lined themselves on the streets to at least catch a glimpse of the royal procession as they made their way into and out of the cathedral.

This particular wedding was not going to be forgotten any time soon.

The wedding started off around midday with the bride arriving at the cathedral in a classic antique car with her mother. The prince was waiting eagerly at the altar where he had come earlier in the company of his brother, Prince William, who had also held a similar wedding not very long ago. There was an orchestra playing beautiful music. The guests were all seated, and the world was watching every single moment.

Meghan, in her beautiful gown, made her way down the aisle in the company of the prince’s father, Prince Henry, and the presiding priests. Also part of the proceeding was a couple of adorable younger princes and princesses that held her veil and carried some bouquets. The guests in attendance rose in respect as the bride made her way to the altar.

As soon as the father handed her over to his son, Prince Harry looked at his bride with so much love and adoration that she blushed hard. What touched the world, however, was what he said to her. He jovially looked deep into her eyes and said ‘You look amazing. I’m so lucky.’ Meghan blushed and smiled happily.

The world watched the moment with so much adoration for the couple. The man was indeed in love, and nothing would make him happier than being united with this woman forever in a blessed marriage. They were both smiling at each other, and anyone could tell that indeed, they were meant for each other.

Meghan’s mother was sitting close by, watching as her daughter was made the Duchess of Essex. All her love went out to her, and she could not hide the tears. A mother’s wish for her child is for them to find genuine happiness even in marriage. She was glad that her daughter had found hers with the prince.

The priests then opened the ceremony which went on for about an hour. The choir performed a beautiful song which followed a sermon about their love. The couple then exchanged their vows and put on the wedding rings. They were pronounced husband and wife, and the prince could not wait to kiss his bride.

The newlyweds then left for the Birmingham Palace in a royal procession on a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. The crowd that lined the streets could not help but take pictures of the couple as they waved excitedly, showing off their wedding rings. They could only wish them happiness in their new life together.