At First Judges Skeptical Of Little Girl’s Hard Song Choice, Then Her 1st Verse Blows Them Away

Aug 10th, 2018

We’ve seen little kids wow the crowd on various audition stages, these little wonders blow the crowd away in the most unexpected of ways with their powerful voice and un-real dexterity that blurs the line between talent and skills. With little or no professional training at all, we’ve seen them take centre stage and even eclipse the adults on several occasions. Sometimes leaving you to wonder “How on earth did this kid get so good.

”. On a stage like Britain’s got talent it gets so hard to underestimate anyone, as a surprise act that will blow everyone away is always waiting right around the corner to do so.

When 12-year-old dynamite Beau Dermott, landed on the Britain’s Got Talent stage for the first time, it was hard to simply write her off based on the many extra-ordinary things we’ve seen kids do in the past, but no one, not even the judges was prepared for the explosion that she brought with her.

Dressed in a simple black tights and a navy blue dress, the little girl approached the mic. Right from her announcement of the song she would be performing she got the attention of everyone, even that of the judges.

Beau, was going to perform Defying gravity, the signature song of the famous musical Wicked, it was a tricky song choice, even the judges didn’t know what to think. But if beau says she doing it, why not, they sit back and listen, but no one was prepared for what came next.

The song which is the finale for the very first act of Wicked was composed by Stephen Schwartz and was originally recorded by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth on May 10, 2003, the beautiful song is mostly a solo that was sung by the main character of the musical.

Just the first verse of beau’s performance and the crowd was already hooked; it was a mind blowing rendition one that would remain in the mind of audience and judges for a long time to come. Beau boomed with a voice that could easily pass as that of an adult professional musician dazzling everyone present in the room with her electrifying performance that dwarfed so many other performances before her own and many to come after.

Without question, Beau Dermott had the stuff of stardom built right into her and she won the entire room over within the seconds of her exhilarating performance.

She not only delivered the song with some extra energy of her own, she made it look like she wasn’t doing anything hard at all. Even before the end of her performance the audience were pumped up and on their feet cheering for her already and sending shouts and hoots in her direction from their seats. Without question Beau has gotten their attention.

Beau Dermott delivers the performance of a lifetime, sending chills down everyone’s spines. Her stunning rendition of “Defying Gravity” leaves the room in awe, and prompts the judges to do something so special that the audience immediately soars to their feet with applause.

Watch beau’s remarkable audition in the video below and see as the 12-year-old with an absolutely unique voice impress the judges and throws the studio audience into a frenzy. Her performance will definitely impress you too no doubt about that.