Firefighter Might Lose His Job After Running Into the Burning Building To Save An Elderly Woman

Sep 15th, 2020

Firefighters are our heroes in uniform. Nobody will ever think that this is an easy job. You have to be brave and passionate about helping others to be a firefighter. You need to have that commitment to courageously risk your life to save another. Every time you report on duty, you are putting your life in danger. For firefighters, putting out the fire and saving lives is your number one priority.

On June 27, 2019, Fire Truck 16 was dispatched for a fire emergency in Atlanta. It was an early morning assignment and the firefighters are called to respond to a fire happening on the first floor of a residential house.

This fire started in Sallie Skrine’s house, a 95-year-old woman living in the northwest Atlanta at Collier Heights. According to reports, one of her stove burners had been left on and there is a huge chance that it is the reason that the fire started.

Even before the team of firefighters was able to carry out their plan of action, one of their crew members jumped in to help the elderly woman.

Daniel Dwyer arrived at the scene at around 1 AM. He immediately noticed that the flames were quickly eating up the wooden-framed house. The team was already trying to fight the fire with their water hoses but Daniel noticed that the woman was still in the dining room.

Right at that moment, the flames were only getting stronger and he knew that he had to make a decision or else they would not be able to get the woman out of the house in time.

The house was not easy to penetrate because it had burglar-proof bars installed on the windows. The woman has been trying to escape but to no avail. So Dwyer broke down the front door and pulled the woman out to safety.

A video provided by the local news outlet shows how Dwyer braved the blazing fire and pulled the woman out of the house through her front door and onto her porch. His fellow firefighters then helped carry her down the steps and into safety.

However, because of her severe injuries, the woman did not survive.

Eight months later, Dwyer’s actions were ruled out to be inappropriate and he was suspended from his job. To make matters worse, the local television reports that Dwyer was suspended without pay. Even though he did get the victim out of the house in time, he still did not follow the protocol the moment he decided to barge into the house all by himself.

Atlanta Fire Chief Randall B. Slaughter said, “Firefighting is an extremely dangerous job.” He added that even though the firefighter was brave enough to rush into the blazing fire on his own, and even though it seemed like a ‘courageous and commendable’ move, he still jeopardized the life of the other firefighters if they followed him and got trapped.

A document notice of the final action says: “You entered the structure without your crew members, which is in immediate conflict with no freelancing, accountability, and maintaining crew integrity.”

Slaughter refused to comment on the disciplinary case of Daniel Dwyer. But he noted that it “would be inappropriate to publicly discuss” a situation that has “not been totally resolved.”

According to local media reports, Dwyer can appeal his decision but it can take years to process.

This disciplinary action for Dwyer did not sit well with many firefighters. Most of them questioned why Dwyer is being punished. They say that he should be praised for his act of heroism, right?