Father And Daughter Film Duo Performing Classic Song That Has The Internet Cheering Loudly

Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of adorable videos on the internet these days, but nothing can compare to this one that recently caught the attention of millions of people worldwide.

Fathers and their daughters will always have a special relationship. We have to admit, dads will do everything for their princess – play barbie dolls, be their make-up model, and even sing along to her favorite song!

Trina Wesson can’t help but take a video of her husband with their 2-year-old daughter, Myla, who is having one of the most memorable moments of their lives. Thankfully, she posted their video online and their post-bath performance went viral online and this stole the hearts of their viewers. Myla is still a toddler, but she already has her own preference when it comes to music. She is even already an expert with lip-sync!

Trina posted this adorable video with this caption:

“A little post bath lip sync battle last night. Myla is one heck of a lip syncer.”

In the video, Myla is comfortably tucked in a towel while on her dads’ arms, booth looking at the mirror. The music is on and it’s Maroon 5’s song, “Girl Like You.” While swaying to the tune of the song, Myla expertly lip-synched the lyrics of the song and we have to admit, this girl knows how to wow us!

Myla and dad looked at each other while singing this popular song together and just enjoying the moment. This little girl surely stole the show with her adorable preformation as her dad is swaying her back and forth. At some point, dad can’t help but laugh at her stunning skills.

It seemed like people from all over the world are enamored by this cute and highly entertaining performance as they show the world their love for each other. Myla made so many people smile and brightened up their day, even her dad. The video has become so popular in just a short period of time and it now has over 15 million views and more than 86,000 comments.

She is definitely that type of kid that you cannot simply ignore. She has the personality and the ability to catch everyone’s attention. Their performance video was flooded with comments. One of them wrote:

“I can watch this over and over again.”

To their surprise, even the lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, retweeted the video on his Twitter profile. For sure, he also enjoyed this father and daughter’s performance, just like how we enjoyed it.

Myla’s parents and the rest of their family are more than proud that they have shared this sweet moment with the world. They are overjoyed that because of this video, they made not only their family and friends happy and entertained, but the rest of the world too!

Just recently, the family shared that Myla just became a big sister as they welcomed a new bundle of joy to their family. They have a baby boy and they named him, Sawyer.

Their fans are looking forward to more videos not only from this duo but also with the other members of the family, including this cute little Sawyer. If you haven’t watched the video yet, then you’re missing out! Check it out soon and prepare to be amazed by Myla and her dad.