Farmer Hasn’t Changed His Look In Decades, Looks So Different After Makeover By Oprah

Sep 14th, 2018

Oprah just keeps on giving. Thanks to her, this man went from monster to hunk really quick.

There is no single person who can possibly hate on a good makeover. However, this here is one makeover that conveniently dwarfs the other makeovers.

The staff of Oprah took a single look at Jason and in an instant, they knew that he would be the perfect choice for their “Oprah, Makeover My Man” overhaul.

“The moment they saw him, they knew that underneath all those baggy overalls, the tattered cowboy hat and the bleached goatee, there was an attractive man who just needed to be unleashed,” read a caption for Oprah’s video, which was titled the “Farmer in the Dell”

And Jason was definitely not just going to submit his body to anyone for a makeover.

Instead, he was getting a makeover from Tim Gunn, a fashion consultant, a mentor on Project Runway and the king of “Make it Work”. Diana Schmidtke, a celebrity hairstylist, was also going to chip in a few ideas as well.

Here’s a big surprise, though; Oprah’s staff saw Jason at a local Lowe’s home improvement store.

Oprah said of her staff when they first saw the lowkey ‘hunky man’, “When they first saw him, they just stopped dead in their tracks. Oh, this is truly a makeover dream”

Gunn said to Oprah that at first, he believed that the man was acting in disguise.

“So to be very honest, I actually thought that this was a Halloween costume. Really, who goes about n this day looking like this? I was shocked,” Gunn said to Oprah.

Gunn gave Jason the nickname “The Farmer in the Dell”

He joked, “I really apologize to farmers everywhere by the way”

However, when Jason came out, everyone stopped laughing and jaws began dropping immediately. Apart from the entire new look that he had gotten, he had also effected an entirely new attitude. This man had some major swag going for him.

As soon as he stepped out in his jacket, he did a spin and had a gaping smile on his face. The audience applauded him unrelentingly.

I mean, why wouldn’t they? This man looked dead gorgeous!

Oprah compared his new look to that of country star Kenny Chesney, “I actually love the fact that you kept the hat. You feel better this way, don’t you?”

Jason exclaimed, “I feel awesome! I’m telling you. You wouldn’t believe the kind of looks that I always got in the past”

Now, the only looks that Jason will be getting from people are loos of complete admiration.

Gunn explained, “I have learned to adopt a Socratic approach, especially when it comes to dealing with one’s fashion and getting it right. I did a little Q & A session with Jason and I asked him about how he sees himself and the people he would consider a style mentors.

Using a jacket with classical tailoring with a nod to the Western wear with the Western yolk and as you can expect, a pair of jeans that fit properly as well as his favorite cowboy boots.

Gunn also replaced Jason’s straw hat with a nicer cowboy hat. He said of the original hat, “It was really nasty. I thought I’d get a tetanus infection from it”

Schmidtke’s first step was to rid Jason of his rough beard.

“I just knew it had to go,” she said. “Look at his smile now. It’s so charming”