Farmer Grows Avocados As Big As Your Head, Now Wait Until You See Him Crack One Open (video)

Sep 13th, 2018

Here is the latest in the group of amazing agricultural wonders of the world.

As far as trends go, avocados seem to be the new “in thing” as of this moment. It almost seems like if you’re looking for a culinary delight, just introduce avocados and everything will be solved.

As a cook, you can easily pair avocados with just about anything, from salads to eggs.

As much as avocados are awesome, there are also a lot of people who believe that they are just a tad overrated… and for quite a good reason too; it just seemed like people heard of the fact that they are somehow good for the health and now, everyone tends to overdo it just for that sake.

There are also others who see this as nothing more than a trick, and these people tend to just lie in wait for the next announcement that avocados are harboring some kind of threat to human health.

However though, until then, these avocados are being bought up by people left and right.

The only problem that can arise is when you get home and cut one, only to find yourself wondering where the avocado really is.

This is where the “Avozilla” thrives.

Avozillas have an average weight of about three pounds, which means that they are the exact same size as about four regular avocados. This is perhaps why a single one costs about $9. Also, according to a report by the Guardian Australia, Avozillas taste just like regular avocados, but they tend to be a little softer.

“There is a nursery where these avocados are grown. We used to go there to buy different trees off them and when we were planting a set of avocados about a decade ago, they gave us one of these as a kind of trial run,” said Groves. “We collected the trial and worked on it and after about four to five years, we gave a few of the fruit a try and thought we’d just give them a go and see what happens from there.

So, we underwent a project where we planted a small block of trees. We planted just a little under 400 trees. They’re still coming up to about four years, and this is the first set of production that we are seeing”

Four years. Now, that right there is a “wow” factor.

Even though there is no doubt to the fact that these giant produce will definitely be rocking headlines as soon as they hit shelves in stores everywhere, it also doesn’t mean that there are no other varieties in the market currently. We just aren’t seeing them around the product aisles yet, so we might just have to make do with the normal avocados for now.

A nice sized avocado grown in Florida can easily be bought, as opposed to one of the California variety.

Due to a few production and logistical reasons, it might still take a little bit of time before we will be able to get avozillas in the United States. Till then however, will it really be bad idea or you to get 4 avocados for $9? It’s not so bad, especially when you consider the fact that this is the same amount of money that you’ll spend to get a single avozilla.