Family’s Photo Session Is Sending The Internet Into Hysterics Over Sign Son To The Right Is Holding Up

Jan 13th, 2021

Another funny picture to make your day.

Every now and then, we get to see a picture that sends us busting our heads here and there with laughter. There exist certain people who are able to take the events that go on in their lives and make them into puns and memes that actually cause a sort of amusement to others.

Take this family for example. As it would seem, members of the family seem to have quite a lot going on for them. So instead of going through the usual means of announcing the changes that will be occurring inn their family to the people around them (both physically and on social media), they decided to put in a little bit of innovation to the announcement.

The only thing is that this highly innovative form of announcement ended up getting a little more exposure than any of them ever thought it would.

The point was to get noticed, but the picture ended up being so good that it did more than get noticed… it actually went viral.

There is most probably no doubt to the fact that each of these parents feels an immense amount of excitement. And in fairness to them, there is definitely reason for them to feel that way; one of their children has found love and is now engaged, and another one is currently expecting a lovely child.

But just for laughs, hold for just a minute. Loo to the right off the picture. Can you properly see the sign that the third child is holding?

Oh yeah, you can see correctly. Apparently, this man isn’t egg-spending or egg-cited. He’s just…. egg salad.

Hey if you think of it, there’s always one member of the family that’s like that.

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that all of this was done just for the laughs. As you can probably guess, the picture became a viral hit as soon as it hit the Internet, and it drew a wide array of comments.

While most of these comments were about just how funny the picture was, nothing that ever goes viral does so without stirring up some form of controversy. This picture was no different. It would seem as though some people need to get a sense of humor as they found thee picture a bit tacks.

One user on Twitter wrote, “I can’t imagine what that man must have been going through. Must they treat him like that?”

“I don’t think I’d be fine with being told to put up such a sign,” wrote another user.

The entire sentiment that these people have is actually understandable (it might come off as taking things too seriously, but it remains quite understandable). There are certain people who believe that personal achievements should never be dangled in peoples’ faces (especially not for reasons such as humor or amusement). However, at the same time, it all comes down to the members of the family and how they see it.

For all we know, the guy holding the “egg salad” sign might have put it up with an understanding of the fact that he’s still single, or maybe he just isn’t ready to tread the path of marriage and having a family yet (as a matter of fact, he could be too young for all of that).