Family Of Tim Conway Breaks Long Silence With News Leaving Fans Heartbroken

Sep 14th, 2021

Tim Conway is one of the most popular American actors of his time, known for his hilarious stints on The Carol Burnett Show, The Tim Conway Show, and Dorf. He is also a writer, director, and a comedian. He has brought smiles to our hearts for years but his family recently revealed news regarding his health, and it’s not something that we wanted to hear about him.

He is a very brilliant comedian, but his health is taking a toll on him every single day.

Tim Conway is slowly being taken away from his family because of Dementia.

The Blast broke the news about Conway’s condition after they were able to obtain court documents from his daughter, Kelly. The documents stated that Kelly wanted to be the conservator of her father so she can manage his health and also schedule his treatments because she felt that her father’s wife, Charlene, is not interested to take the responsibility. The documents say:

“Charlene is planning to move him out of the excellent skilled nursing facility he is currently at. And I feel the new facility will not have registered nurses at all times and his 24-hour caregiver and speech therapist to help with swallowing.”

The document also revealed that Conway cannot properly provide for his personal needs anymore including his physical health, food, and clothing. He is almost unresponsive because of his condition.

Even in his later years, Conway continued to stay true to his passion; acting and comedy. He continued to make us all laugh on his roles on 30 Rock, Glee, Married… With Children, Mad About You, Spongebob Squarepants, Two and a Half Men and Mike & Molly.

Age should not be the reason for you to stop doing what you love to do, but as the disease progresses, Conway felt that it is time to take a step back.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is not a specific illness, but it’s a general term that depicts a group of symptoms related to a decline in memory or other thinking skills. The condition is severe enough that would diminish a person’s capacity to perform everyday activities. There are seven stages of Dementia that you should be aware of:

Stage 1. No Cognitive Decline (No Dementia). The person would be able to function normally, do not have memory loss, and is still mentally healthy. People who have NO Dementia are considered to be in Stage 1.

Stage 2. Very Mild Cognitive Decline (No Dementia). This describes the normal forgetfulness that is associated with aging. Symptoms are not yet evident even to physicians.

Stage 3. Mild Cognitive Decline (No Dementia). This will include forgetfulness, a little difficulty concentrating and decreased work performance. This is about 7 years before the onset of dementia.

Stage 4. Moderate Cognitive Decline (Early-Stage). The person will have difficulty concentrating, memory loss of recent events, and would have a hard time managing finances or traveling alone especially to new locations. The physician can now detect clear cognitive problems during interview and exams.

Stage 5. Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline (Mild-Stage). Will have major memory problems and would need assistance to complete daily activities. Memory loss is now prominent even events of current lives and this can take for 1 ½ years.

Stage 6. Severe Cognitive Decline – Middle Dementia (Mild Stage). At this stage, the person will require extensive assistance to carry out everyday activities. They forget the names of family members and will have very little memory of recent events. Ability to speak declines and their personality changes. This can last for 2 ½ years.

Stage 7. Very Severe Cognitive Decline – Late Dementia (Late-Stage). The person will have no ability to speak or communicate. They will require assistance with everything that they need to do, even using the toilet and eating. They lost their psychomotor skills and this stage can last for 2 ½ years.

Conway’s condition is truly a sad news for his loving fans. We would surely miss the times that he made our family laugh. His sons Jaime, Tim Jr, Pat, Corey, and Shawn, and also his daughters Jackie and Kelly, would hopefully come to a resolution to make sure that Conway is truly cared for.