Family Refuses To Stand By, Saves Their Own Loved One From Kidnapper

Jan 13th, 2021

Kidnapping doesn’t only happen in the movies. Even though children are mostly reported, they not the only ones who get kidnapped. In fact, even adults can be a victim of kidnapping as well. One of them is a 29-year-old woman, Bethany Arceneaux.

In November, Louisiana mother Bethany Arceneaux was abducted in the parking lot of a daycare where she was picking up her 2-year-old son around 5 oclock in the afternoon. According to witnesses, they saw the suspect, 29-year-old Scott Thomas who is the father of Arceneaux’s son, allegedly forcing her into his white Buick LeSabre.

He then drove off taking Arceneaux with him, leaving the child behind in the woman’s car and was later taken into custody by Arceneauxs’ mother.

The family immediately reported the case to the police. Later on that evening, the law enforcement found the suspects’ car near an abandoned sugarcane field in a rural area of Lafayette Parish, La. Also, one of Arceneauxs’ shows was found inside the car and the other was in the parking lot where she was abducted.

The authorities then searched the sugarcane field day and night but didn’t find Arceneaux. But while they were waiting for the police officers to find her, the family decided to do take matters into their own hands. They conducted their own search in the same area and found a secluded, abandoned house behind the trees.

The house was direct across the street from the field where Thomas abandoned his car. However, the roof was only visible from the road.

In an interview with, Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Department Captain Kip Judice said, “[The family] converged on a piece of property about a mile from where the car was found. One of the family members heard what he thought was a scream.”

The victims’ cousin approached the home and kicked the door in. Upon entering the house, he found Thomas with Arceneaux. Then a confrontation started. Judice said, “The cousin, who was armed, began firing several shots at Thomas. After a couple of shots, [Arceneaux] was able to get free of him and they escorted her out of the house.”

The officers heard the gunshots fired and surrounded the home. And upon entering, they found Thomas’ lifeless body on the ground. He sustained several gunshot wounds. Arceneaux suffered stab wounds and was immediately taken by ambulance to the Lafayette General Medical Center.

According to the authorities, Thomas did not own an abandoned home. And after her full recovery, Arceneaux told the investigators that the house was the only place she remembers being held, hostage. She had not eaten or drunk anything since the abduction.

In an interview with Arceneaux’s brother, Ryan Arceneaux, he said, “She’s shaken up, she’s sliced up, but she’s alright.” He added, “We found her. We went and got her in that house. We kicked the doors down. It was like a movie unfolding.”

Talking about whether or not charges will be filed against the cousin who shot Thomas, Judice further explained, “In the state of Louisiana, you have a right to protect yourself and others from imminent bodily harm. We believe at this point, based on evidence and statements collected, that this guy was acting in defense of Ms. Arceneaux and thus, was within the state law.”